Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mommynanny Needs a Vacation

I've tried not to turn my blog into a full-on whine session, but I have to be honest today. I'm tired. Not just, "Oh, I could use a nap" tired, but bone weary, exhausted, my baby hasn't stopped whining or taken a full nap in a week tired. The kind of tired that a caramel chai latte can't fix, and it just keeps getting worse.
However, I must be doing at least okay, because I still managed to get dressed today, whether I was tempted to drive Cody to practice in my sweats or not. That at least has to count for something, right?
And on the bright side, I managed to get him to practice today without scoring myself a ticket.

Fedora - Target; Shirt - Gap (borrowed from Ann); Necklace - Blithe Boutique; Jeans - Old Navy; Wedges - Target


  1. Maybe you need a few hours to be pampered at a spa? :)

  2. Oh Kate! I'm so sorry! I feel like such a horrible friend! You could have totally come over to our house!
    I miss you sweet friend! I say a seriously fun girls night out is in order!

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm feeling much better today. I've been saying that poor Milo must be cutting a tooth for what seems like a month - can it really take that long?

  4. I'll be happy to watch Milo's precious, teething, screaming self for a while if you'd like! :) I need the reality check! Or, I'm with Melissa, and say "Girls Night!" ASAP! Emily