Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The countdown has begun

Today is June 1. Do you have any idea what that means?
It means that I have only 16 days left of being 29.
It means I'm about to enter a new decade of life.
It means I should officially start acting very responsible.
June 17 marks a new chapter of my life - my 30's. (sigh)

I know I shouldn't be freaking out about it, because what's the difference between being 29 on June 16 and being 30 on June 17? I mean, for goodness sake, some people probably didn't think I'd even make it through my 20's, and here I am, blissfully happy, completely healthy, and loving who I'm becoming. Except that I'm becoming 30...

And here's the thing. I fully support and delight in anyone in their 30's. I'm not prejudiced against us old folks (haha). Why can't I convince myself that there are millions of people who look fabulous in their thirties, and I'm more than likely going to be the same?

Let me just make this one promise right now, in public and in print for the world to see. I will not give Nate a hard time on my 30th birthday. I won't act like a brat, or make anyone's life miserable because I'm getting old (like I did on my 25th birthday...). I'll try to ignore any extra pounds that are still making a muffin-top (which I'm hoping will be gone at that point) and enjoy my hair no matter how humid the weather may be. I will relish in the fact that I have an amazing husband and the most wonderful baby boy the world has ever seen.

But if I go missing for a few hours, check the back of my closet for a little sniffling heap of kateturningthirty. 

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