Sunday, August 6, 2017

Emmette Annabel, age 5 months

Oh, friends. At least you know that, if nothing else, I'll meet you here once a month. Sweet Emmette is five months old now. How is that possible? I can remember the day she was born. It was yesterday, right?

But no, this little nugget is growing and time is flying by faster and faster all the time. (I guess we're making up for how sloooooowly it went by when I was pregnant.) She is rolling all over the place now, and has been getting up on her knees and moving herself forward a few inches. She graduated from the swaddle and is snuggling up in a "sleep sack" at night. She laughs out loud (especially at Milo) and usually has a smile on her face. She is still easy-going and sweet-natured, although I think we may be in for it when she starts crawling because she's such a busy and curious little lady. She loves to put her feet on people and has, as Nate would say, excellent turn-out (want to be a dancer, Emmy?). And she is sitting up really well in her Bumbo and will be on her own in no time. Emmette Annabel, you are such a treat!

All three  kids had the sniffles when we took these pictures, but they were still so cheery.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Four months old on the 4th of July

So, it's been a month since my last post. But at least you know I'm on top of these month milestone photos, right? Happy 4th of July from my beautiful little people (Including my four months old on the fourth of July baby - that's some sort of golden birthday, right?).

Sunday, June 4, 2017

3-month Milestones

Happy 3-month Birthday, Emmette Annabel!

I can't believe how fast time flies by. Emmy is such a delight around here. She is constantly talking and cooing, rolling from her back to her tummy (No, I didn't type that out wrong - this child rolled from back to tummy first!), laughing, grabbing toys, and holding her head up so well. When we are out and about, she doesn't go to sleep. She loves to watch everything, and she has been all about direct eye contact from day one. We are all smitten with this sweet girl!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


There is a dad out there who has made an entire twitter account to document the antics of his four daughters. It's hilarious and I have literally laughed until I cried at a number of his tweets (thank you, Pinterest, for compiling a best hits), and I realized that I could do the same, mostly with the things that Lucy says.

We used to laugh because her logic made absolutely no sense (or so we thought), but now she makes such hilariously accurate points that we all end up repeating them.

Milo, disputing whether it is, indeed, bedtime.

Lucy: "Look at this, Milo. Is it dark outside? Is it nighttime? Yes it is."

Gazing intensely at Milo's chapped lips first thing in the morning.

Lucy: "I've got my eye on your bottom lip, Milo."

After some thought. "I'm going to teach you how to use some ha-lips (Chapstick)."

Actual song lyric: "I'd be packing my bags when I need to stay..."

Lucy, at the top of her lungs in the shower: "I'd be packing my bags when I need a steak..."

Now don't you wish you lived around here? Never a dull moment, friends. Even if you wanted one.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Tattoos and tongues

We spend time every morning reading from the Bible, specifically the Torah portions that other people around the world are reading at the very same time. We're in Leviticus right now, which is always a challenge for me... We read last week about not cutting yourself for the dead or tattooing yourself. I have always read this as you shouldn't tattoo for the dead, but we discussed how the possibility was that you shouldn't tattoo yourself at all.

Well, you know what came up next. "Mommy, you have tattoos. Why did you do that?"

"Well, Mommy didn't necessarily follow all of the Torah when I got them. I didn't know better."

Cue the disapproving looks and deep sighs.

We were on our way to dance class in the car yesterday, and Milo and Lucy were discussing playing a certain character from Thunderbirds that has tattoos and a mask (side note - have you watched Thunderbirds Are Go on Amazon? Apparently it is life around here.) and mentioned that they would have masks, but NO tattoos. So then came the discussion of Mommy's tattoos again, which culminated in me saying, "Okay! I wish I had never gotten them!"

Milo remarked, "Mommy, everyone in the car wishes you hadn't gotten them."

Oh, Milo. So grown-up. So wonderful. So exasperating at the same time.

Anyway, my friend Brooke always tags things #momlifeisthebestlife and I totally agree. 

That tiny tongue...

Milo's face. No caption required.

Happy girl!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two Months of Bliss

So Emmy is officially two months old now, be still my heart. Why did pregnancy seem to go so slowly, and then time sped up to quadruple speed after she was born?

Anyway, I managed to take a picture that is so imperfect and so descriptive of Emmy's life right now. Do you get the idea?

Oh, Emmy. The new has not worn off for Milo and Lucy. You would think that every day is the first day I brought this baby home from the hospital the way these little people fawn all over her. Emmy is never short on kisses, snuggles, or entertainment. And she is such a laid-back baby that she just rolls with it, but every now and then I see a glimpse of this face and it makes me laugh.

But thank goodness! I have amazing little people who love this baby. They aren't jealous or threatened. They just adore her with their whole hearts, and feel like her presence is the best gift our family has ever been given.

So, sweet Emmy. She has found her fists and loves to gnaw on them when she is hungry or tired. She enjoys tummy time and has gotten really good at holding her head up. She loves to look at books, especially some of Lucy's little board books with pictures of babies. She has laughed several times, but I can never get her to do it when I try (the first time was at her Nana at gymnastics class). And she is so smiley, so snuggly, so sweet that we all feel so incredibly blessed. Emmy, you are more amazing every single day!

Oh, and just a note. For all her smileyness, as soon as I get out the camera, she becomes stoic. I need to figure out a picture-taking strategy!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Life lessons from Lucy

Oh, my Lucy. I love my child so fiercely, and she gives me such a run for my money.

Yesterday was one of those days. I had asked my mom to come watch Milo and Emmy so I could take Lucy to the dentist all by herself. We almost never get to do things just the two of us, and I thought she would be so excited.

Well, when she woke up, she thought her daddy was taking her to the dentist because he had taken Milo the week before. Cue meltdown number one.

Then Nana arrived at our house to babysit, and Lucy realized that Nana wasn't taking her to the dentist - stinking old Mommy was (even though we had already discussed what was going to happen). Cue meltdown number two.

I took her to the dentist, got her a Sonic drink as a reward for a good appointment, and we got home. She was naughty all stinking day long. Cue meltdowns three, four, five, six... You get the picture. I was so fed up that by the time she pulled down the bunk bed ladder (that was screwed in, mind you), I couldn't even spank her for fear of a genuine mommy meltdown. So I parked her in a chair and there she sat until I could be rational (it took a long time and a lot of Doritos, so there went the Jillian Michaels workout I had sweat through earlier).

Oh, sweet Lucy. What does a mommy do?

Well, I just took a deep breath and kept right on trucking. Trucking through a power outage and no car to leave the house. Trucking through dinner in the car when Nate got home. Trucking through bedtime where she just wanted Nate to lay her down.

And then Nate reported to me what happened at prayer time. He asked her to be thinking of how much she loves Mommy and tell Yahweh three things she loves about me. "Yahweh, thank you for Mommy. She is soooooo beautiful. She is always nice. And she is even beautiful in the morning when her breath is stinky."

So, there you go. This child sees me at my crankiest, at my no-makeup-iest. At my very most basic in sweatpants and a spit-up covered shirt. And she still thinks I'm beautiful and nice all the time (even when my breath is stinky). I have to be doing at least a tiny something right, and I'm so glad that I breathe and hold my tongue when I want to be angry and tell her all about it. Life lessons from Lucy, right? Thank you, Father, for giving me this beautiful, lovable, amazing little challenge.

Side note: Lucy was singing a song about me the other day while she played the piano. She got to this part - "Mommy is so funny," looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and changed it to, "A little funny." I guess you can't win them all, right?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

One month old!

Oh my goodness. I blinked and an entire month went by. We've been adjusting, snuggling, loving... We've gotten back to school (Lucy, too!) and I've been cooking again. I never stopped cleaning, but it's back on with a vengeance. And somehow this sweet little lady has fit in so perfectly to our home. I can't imagine what things were like without her! 

Sleepy, sweet little punkin.

This is the face of hiccups.

Hooray! I'm a month old!

Just singing...

...and yawning.

I was trying out a different filter here, and it's not quite right. But it was something different.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nugget Status

Oh, be still my heart. Look at my sweet peas. Delaney did the most amazing job on our newborn photos - she just showed up with props and got down to business making our living room a photo studio and putting everyone at ease. I am so extremely thankful that I have these sweet photos to remember these precious moments at home. I seriously can't believe that this is for real my life.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Sweet little people

Sweet sweet moments I don't want to forget.

Nate was taking a band-aid off of Emmy the night we came home from the hospital, and it obviously didn't feel too great. Lucy burst into tears and came running in to me, so upset that Emmy was sad. Such a tender girl who loves her sister beyond words.

The look on Milo's face when he snuggles up to Emmy is so perfect. He also told me he loves to smell her baby breath. Just today he mentioned that he would like to be a doctor that delivers babies, and he would send them home in sweet little outfits that say, "I love Mommy." There was a full plan that involved bows for girls and hats for boys, and it was all because he loves babies so much.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Emmy's birth story

A week ago today, I was lying in the hospital, recovering from giving birth. And when I say recovering I just mean, they wouldn't let me out before 24 hours and I was entertaining visitors. That is by far a more accurate description of what was happening.

I had had contractions for weeks before Emmy was born. They started out as just super hard Braxton-Hicks contractions that would squeeze so tightly I didn't understand how on earth my water didn't break. But the week of her birth, I started having real, painful, almost time-able contractions. They would go on for a few hours, and then just when I thought I was in labor, they would stop, and everything would go back to normal. I'll be honest, I thought I was going crazy. I thought my body had forgotten how to give birth and I might be pregnant forever. And I was already so discouraged because I was about to be at 2 weeks past due, and most people wanted to know why I wasn't just inducing. Even my doctor had strongly suggested it, but when I told him I was firm on waiting, he didn't push the issue (for that I am extremely grateful).

But to be honest, I was a little over the waiting. I was a little fearful that something was wrong with me, or that if I continued to wait, something would be wrong with Emmy. I was nervous about having a baby that was too large to deliver. And I was still having those darn fake contractions (look up prodromal labor, which is exactly what was happening to me - it is fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time).

When I began having contractions Friday night, I assumed it was the same thing. I had to breathe through them, but they weren't awful. They stayed about 20 minutes apart all night, and I dozed in between some of them. They continued through the morning on Saturday, but never got any closer together, and started being even more erratic. I didn't want to mention them to anyone and get their hopes up, but I finally talked to Nate about it. He suggested I stop even timing contractions since it only seemed to frustrate me, and I agreed. They stopped around 3 or 4, and so I figured there would be no baby.

My mom came over to visit around 5 or 6, and I started having some pretty intense contractions at that point. Nate started timing them, and they were maybe 8 minutes apart for about an hour. I was able to walk through them, and also sat on an exercise ball for a while, so when my friend Amanda asked if she could drop off our Melaleuca order, I told her of course. My mom had gone home, and we were just feeding the kids dinner and giving them showers. By the time Amanda got to my house, though, the contractions were getting closer together. While she was there, I noticed that my legs were shaking as I walked through them. Nate didn't say anything at first, but then mentioned that they were about 3 minutes apart by then. WHAT???

Amanda told me, "You are about to have a baby. Why don't you go to the hospital? Did you say you called your mom to come stay with the kids? Is she on her way yet?"

I put on some leggings (as opposed to the pjs I was wearing), opted to skip the shower I had planned on taking, and Nate and I hustled out. Milo and Lucy were literally jumping on the couch with excitement as we left because it was finally time! And Amanda assured me that they were not going to just send me back in home NOT in labor when I got to the hospital.

I have to point out that Nate tore to the hospital with the flashers on (I think just because, when else would he get to do that?), we checked in around 7:45, and at that point I was already at a 6. But, I stalled out at a 6 with both Milo and Lucy (for FOUR LONG HOURS with Lucy, might I add), so I was slightly discouraged. I continued to walk through my contractions, and when my doctor arrived 45 minutes later, I was already at what he said was, "an 8 or a 9, but I could probably stretch it to a 10."

I was pushing not too much later, although the pushing was so hard this time. Poor Emmy was stuck on the pubic bone, and just when I thought she would never get past it, I pushed like a superwoman, broke every single blood vessel in my face and most of the ones in my neck, and she got past that. Everything from there was much easier, and as she was about to come out, the nurses and Nate got a good laugh because she had tons of gorgeous hair that had gathered itself into a little ponytail peeking out (I'm sorry if that is disturbing imagery for you.).

Emmette Annabel made her appearance at 10:22 p.m., after just a few hours of serious labor, and she immediately melted our hearts with her sweet nature and perfect little features. Despite the fact that she was almost 2 full weeks overdue on paper, there is absolutely no way that little nugget was a day past the exact time she was intended to arrive.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Emmette Annabel

She's here! Emmette Annabel Jackson (Emmy) finally made her arrival on March 4, 2017 at 10:22 p.m. (otherwise known as National Grammar Day, so it couldn't be more perfect). She was a walloping 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long, and when my doctor came to check on me the morning after delivery, he told me he was so glad I hadn't induced because she didn't look like a late baby at all. He said the due date just had to be wrong. And that is why I love him. He delivered me this perfect baby and supported my decision to let it happen in its own time. I am supposedly in his last round of deliveries before he retires, and it makes me sad for all the people missing out on his amazing care!

Anyway, I can't wait to tell you the birth story, but I have a brief shower window here, so it will have to be another day. Life with three kids, one of whom is a newborn, is no joke. And I am so delighted!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Sticking it out

The first time you go to the doctor after you realize you're pregnant, you pee in a cup and report the date of your last period so he can calculate your due date.

Turns out ours was wrong. Because the first time I went, I was given a date of February 24. After an ultrasound showing a large head and femur (????), the ultrasound tech moved our date to February 19. Both were wrong, because today is March 3 and I am still pregnant.

I went through a few weeks of being horribly depressed, crying all the time, wondering what on earth is wrong with my body that my baby is "late."

Turns out due dates are just suggestions, and it's better not to get your hopes set on suggestions, right? Because when I realized that my body is just doing what it's supposed to, and after attempting literally everything that has been successfully reported to naturally induce labor, this sweet baby girl just isn't quite ready to come.

People were shocked that I'm not going to induce. But Emmy is healthy. I am healthy. And we are just going to wait it out. And waiting is tough, but here I am, sticking it out for the long haul.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Lucy's amazing artwork

Lucy drew me an amazing picture the other day while Milo worked on school. She started out by drawing four babies. She made sure to tell me the birth order of each, from firstborn to lastborn, and then she drew a mommy. Milo looked over and commented, "Lucy, the mommy's mouth is a big round circle. She looks surprised."

"Well, of course she's surprised, Milo." (I kid you not - this is how she talks.) "When she went to have her baby, four came out!"

Yes. That would be surprising. And I won't even bother to tell you how delighted she looked at the prospect of someone (hint hint) being surprised with four babies instead of one. I didn't share her delight, but I really did enjoy that picture.

Friday, January 27, 2017


Hiatus. I'm pregnant. Need I explain?

I just can't forget to write these things down so I remember them forever.

I was in a hurry the other day, trying to do multiple errands before I had to give in and use a public restroom with two children (one of my least favorite things on the planet). As I hurried my little people into the post office, Lucy was creeping along (as she often does), and told me, "Mommy, sometimes it just feels so. good. to. walk. slowly."

We went from the post office to HEB for grocery shopping, and down one of the aisles we encountered a woman with a prosthetic leg. She smiled at my little people and just kept shopping, and they both stared in wide-eyed wondered. I whispered a silent prayer to please let them hold their tongues, and remarkably, they did. Until she left the aisle, and Milo excitedly reported, "Mommy! I just saw someone with a real live pegleg!" What can I say? The boy loves pirates.

Hope your Friday is full of sunshine.