Monday, November 6, 2017

Lessons from Emmy


Time Change + 8 months old.

Oh, friends. The time change is all fun and games until you have children. And then all of a sudden everybody is crying and you'd like to say you don't know why, but the real reason is that everyone was up at 6 a.m. and the poor baby hasn't taken a nap because she's completely thrown off. It's just an hour. Who knew that stinking hour could do so much damage?

This girl. This girl knew, although she couldn't have put it into words. Then again, why use words when your sleepy little face is this expressive?

But enough about my nemesis, Time Change, and on to another milestone. This little nugget turned 8 months old Saturday! I can't even explain to you how delightful she is, and also how teething she is. The teething makes us have completely irrational days, but other than that, she is so precious. She is smiley and snuggly, and completely cracks me up every time I lay her down for a nap or bedtime. As soon as her head hits the mattress, she starts vigorously kicking her legs, waiting for me to attempt to cover her with the blanket (because that blanket isn't staying on for anything). I always have to throw it over her face so she can kick it off with a HUGE grin as I say, "Peekaboo!" We do this a few times, then I tell her I love her and head out. When she's not being a super teether, she just talks and coos until she goes to sleep. When she IS being a super teether, or when the time change (shakes fist) happens, she screams and stands up and makes a nice racket until she literally passes out face-first. Whatever floats your boat, nugget.

And you already knew this, but she crawls everywhere, gets into everything, and stands up on and with everything. But, as previously mentioned, is so delightful and good-natured. She loves to play with Milo and Lucy, and they still hang on her every movement. Their new trick is going in just before I do to wake Emmy up, turning on every musical children's toy in the room, and singing and dancing her awake. She's a good sport, and I usually hear her belly laughing right away.

Also, she loves poking the mole on my chin when she's nursing. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that...

That's life! Now, if you'll excuse me, we are all cranky and off schedule and it's time for a second cup of coffee. Real life, people. But look how cute!

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Every once in a while, I have to tell you a funny story. This one  just so happens to be about Lucy. She and I were sitting in the living room the other day first thing in the morning. We were quiet, and I could tell Lucy was mulling something over in her mind, but I didn't ask.

She finally asked, "So... where are Bruiser's eyebrows anyway?"

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Mini Triangle Scarf

Would you like a peek at my gorgeous little girl? Be still my heart, Lucy Jane is a vision. I crocheted her a smaller version of a triangle scarf (I have a larger version, for now - please don't anyone ask me for it or you know I will be compelled to give it to you), and she liked that she could swap it between a scarf, a shawl, and something she refers to as a menash that she wears on her head to be a princess. I have no idea where the word came from... but she's been a princess from day one, right?

NOT posing.


Waiting for the punchline on a knock-knock joke.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Baby giggles

I thought the new of Emmy would wear off after a while for Milo and Lucy and they would just ease into life with her like it was no big deal.

I was wrong, people. So very wrong.

Every morning, when I've finished feeding Emmy and turn on the light in her room, I hear the pounding of little feet running to her room. The door hits the wall as they shove it open, and they come scrambling in, pulling on each other and squabbling about who's going to hold her first. And if they don't come right away, Emmy sits on my lap, craning her neck at the door and wondering where her fan club is. It sounds a little chaotic (and believe me, it is), but it's one of my favorite things in life. Watching my little people love each other so very much.

But it doesn't stop there. Milo and Lucy are always thinking about Emmy, playing with Emmy, pestering Emmy (to which she responds mostly good-naturedly, and occasionally with an indignant scream), and living to make Emmy laugh. There is never a dull (or quiet) moment around here, and although I admit I am exhausted at the end of every day, I wouldn't trade it for anything, and I am more aware than ever that these moments are so fleeting. Already seven months have flown by before I could blink, so I have to treasure every day because I can't get them back.

There is joy to be found in every moment.

Emmy's new trick

I don't know if I can fully explain to you how in love with this child I am unless you have children of your own. I remember wondering if I would have enough love in my heart to love another child the way I did Milo when I was pregnant with Lucy. Then she was born and I realized that my heart must have grown, because I adored them both so fully. Then came Emmy and my heart practically exploded, because not only am I over the moon about her, but I think I love my other children even more as well. Strange things, these mommy hearts. But I am so thankful.

 And even though Emmy is my third, I am so incredibly delighted with every new skill she learns. Nothing is old news just because the others did it. Plus, look at those cheeks. How can you resist?

Milo's First Lost Tooth (stop growing, little man!)

Milo has had a loose tooth for over a month. He would wiggle it half-heartedly every now and then, and I didn't really get involved. Nate encouraged him, but for some reason, the loose tooth made me queasy.

And then it got really wiggly, and he would move it all the way forward so it was pointing at me, and again, I would start to want to black out. It's ridiculous, I know, but there is something about a loose tooth that I almost can't handle. Is this why we had to get multiple of my teeth pulled by the dentist instead of me losing them myself? There's no telling.

Then a week or so ago, Nate went into the bathroom with Milo and gave the tooth a good push backward. It bled a little, and Milo was a total champ. I thought this would be another "splinter at the beach" situation (if you don't know this story, I can't even tell you, but it was one of the most frustrating HOURS of my life). Anyway, they stopped messing with the tooth, and at bedtime, Nate asked Milo to let him take one more look at the tooth.

Milo laid across his lap, and then I heard him say, "Daddy, what's that in your hand?"

Nate held it up triumphantly - it was Milo's tooth! It had come out so easily Milo didn't even know it.

So here he is. My grown-up looking little man. And what a thoughtful little tooth. It waited until the day that Milo got a haircut so he'd look extra-dapper for his picture. How sweet.