Monday, June 27, 2011

What's the opposite of a hot mess?

Ahhh, good old hot, humid Texas. I think it's literally 100 degrees today, and my hair has the consistency of a thick, scratchy wool sweater. Not a good combination. I'm loving this Anthropologie dress, though, even though it's a little shorter than what I'd normally wear. The lightweight material is perfect for around here. I rocked this look to the grocery store (ahhh, the exciting life of a housewife), because last time I went to the store looking like a crazy woman, I ran into the most pulled-together person I know. Of course, the day I look like I have it together, I saw absolutely no one I knew. I guess the lesson is this - if I want to see someone and have some adult conversation, I must look a hot mess. Hmmmm...
There's Jen's shadow - she took my pictures. Thanks, Jen!

The dorkiness of my poses never ends.

Birthday bling

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  1. I love your poses. hehehe. And regarding Walmart, I totally relate to only seeing people you know when you feel like a total slob. Of course, there's something to be said for being sloppy at Walmart because at least you don't attract unwanted stalkers... Or perhaps I'm the only one that has a flock of creepers at that store. Or maybe I'm paranoid. But, alas, another cute outfit! I'm pretty sure you could where a trash bag and rock it out though. :)