Sunday, June 5, 2011

Swimming Excursion

Well, it's a weekend of firsts. Today Milo had his first trip to the swimming pool, and I've never seen a cuter little waterbug. Once he got used to all the noise, he seemed to love splashing and kicking his little legs like a champ. He was, of course, slathered in as much sunscreen as a baby can possibly wear, and we limited his sun exposure, so he survived without a hint of pink. His lily-white baby skin is so precious and delicate, and if he's anything like me, he'll burn at the drop of a hat. I know I'm a super-protective new mommy, but the idea of that makes me want to cry. All in all, though, Milo enjoyed his swimming trip, which I explained to him ahead of time as "a swim in a really big bathtub."

Aren't we cheesy? We love to get a group shot no matter what we're doing. Note my super-awesome 90's wave bangs. That's what happens when I don't straighten them here in good old Texas.

I, quite literally, have the two handsomest men on the planet.

Because Milo belongs to the two coolest parents ever, he must be wearing a fedora...
...and because Milo is a baby, he quite quickly ditched said fedora.
Enjoying the shade of a well-placed umbrella. Milo is the only person in the world who makes me look tan.

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