Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello, Grown-up

One of the biggest adjustments I've had to make in becoming a parent was getting used to the fact that I can't just go anywhere and do whatever I want anymore. Now, keep in mind, I'm a grown-up, so I'd already been getting used to that idea a little bit as the years rolled on. But it really hits home when there's a little person involved.

Take, for example, yesterday, when Milo woke up not feeling well and cranky as all get-out, and I had to cancel my lunch plans. Yes, it was for the best for him. No, you can never begrudge a baby (especially such an adorable one) what is right for him. But the ironing party I had all by myself in place of a lunch date was a far cry from fun.

Or think about this morning, when I had gotten up at 4:15 to pump, stretch, and be ready to meet my running peeps at 5. Nate texted me when I was halfway down our road at 4:55, "Milo is wide awake." I had no choice but to come home, grab that fresh bottle I had just pumped, and rock my little man until he went to sleep at 5:40. There was no hope for running with anyone but myself at that point, so I sadly (and I'll admit, a little crankily) crawled back into bed. I had been up for nearly two hours with not even a mile to show for it. Guess it's a date with Jillian today instead?

So, like I said, I'm learning to be unselfish with my time. I'm learning to plan things out instead of being impulsive, and I'm also realizing that the best-laid plans are often disrupted. I'm becoming a real, live grown-up, and I guess I'd better since I'm almost 30 (EEEEEEEK!). But look at this little guy and tell me if you'd ever have it any other way.

Ironically, the inside-out onesie on his head says "Sleepy," which he obviously was not this morning.

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