Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a mommy again

Today I am back to being just a mommy of my very own little man. I am tired and thankful, and so thrilled about baby Ezra. After the kids left last night, I cleaned the house top to bottom, because I'm still used to an infant who can't make much of a mess (Nate says I have another thing coming...).

Milo seems glad to have his mommy back to himself, and just to show me, he decided to only sleep 6 hours last night. Guess we needed more quality time, and sleep just got in the way? Nonetheless, I still got a good run in this morning, and since I was too lazy to get officially dressed before lunch, I had to take my outfit pictures myself (again). I will say, though, getting dressed so cutely every day makes me want to get out and go somewhere. Where shall it be today?
I, at the age of almost-30, still love Crayola colored eye makeup. I'm also under the assumption that glitter makes everything better.

Full outfit with heels, since I can manage them with just one baby.

Why do I always look like a cheerleader? 6 years in junior high/high school and I just can't shake the pose.

The shirt has a cute zipper up the back.
Silly noodle hands

In the background you will see my kitchen, which is ridiculously clean, as is the rest of my house now.
 (Shirt - clothes swap; Belt - Buckle; Skirt - Anthropologie; Shoes - Target)


  1. I like your crayon color makeup, your cute mommy outfit, and Milo's outfit of the day. And those shoes looked delicious. hehehe.