Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Shop(s) of Horrors

What on earth is up with the Lufkin florists?
As many of you might know, my baby sister Ann is getting married at the end of July. Everything has been going smoothly as far as planning... Well, everything except the flowers.

Poor Ann has been getting the run-around from not one, not two, but three different florists here in Lufkin, all of whom seem to think very highly of themselves. One of them gave her an informal quote when she met with her, and then came back with a bid that was twice that. When asked for a breakdown of the estimate, the woman got an attitude with Nate, which was evidence to me that she was being shady. Ann called to tell her that she was going to go with another florist, and the woman simply said, "Fine, thank you."

Another agreed to work with Ann, gave her a bid, and the day Ann was supposed to put money on it, called her and said that she has another wedding that same weekend, and it's considerably larger, so she won't be able to do Ann's. Oh really? So apparently if you're not spending a certain amount of money, you aren't privy to common courtesy.

And then there's the florist who was going to call her back last Friday afternoon and still has yet to.

Really, Lufkin florists? Are you really all that? Do you really feel that customer service is a thing of the past and that people having small weddings don't deserve the same quality of service as those having larger? I'm not one to blast a place by name, but if pressed, I could give you the names of all three of these horrid shops. And let me tell you, they're the ones most used around here.

So here's my plea. Do you know a good florist with a shred of decency and an eye for design? Because otherwise, Crown Colony is not that far away, and Jen and I will be forced to hit the road with our running shoes and some scissors and make some very lovely arrangements...


  1. I used Roderick of Texas, and he did a good job. He's pricy, but he's good. He probably gets booked up a year in advance. I have also heard that the florist at Brookshire's Fresh Market is good. She works with Roderick sometimes too.

    Sorry about all the troubles! Wedding planning is SO STRESSFUL! Never want to do that again...

  2. I'm pretty sure you girls, as talented as you are, could make a trip to Houston, get your own flowers, and do double the job any of these Lufkin florists could do!
    I was blessed enough to have a talented family friend help with all arrangements, with Hobby Lobby flowers, which was nice cause I still have one of the arrangements displayed on my dining room table, and then all bouquets were just simple bunches of fresh cala lillies. You girls can do it!! Emily

  3. Haha, I like the crown colony idea. Take those peoples flowers :)