Sunday, June 26, 2011

The magic of pull-on pants

You know what I really miss about being pregnant?
Pull-on pants. There was something so satisfying about waiting until the last second to go to the bathroom and then being able to just pull those pants down. I'm still in that bad habit, and from time to time I feel personally offended when I actually have to undo a zipper.
These shorts are a leftover from being pregnant. I mentioned the other day that they were Heidi Klum... I didn't mention that they were from the Heidi Klum maternity collection. Love that girl. They're just great-fitting denim bermudas, but with a stretchy waistband that came under my then-pregnant tummy. I can't let them go, no matter how many preggo friends I have (sorry, guys!).
I also threw in an extra pair of shoes, since some of my 30 items were two belts, a hat, and a necklace, which I now realize are accessories and don't count for the 30. The lessons I learn along the way. I'm not going to go crazy adding things to make up for it, but the shoes were a must.
Anyway, here's the outfit for today. I didn't get dressed until at least 4 today, and had I not needed to go get my bridesmaid shoes for Ann's wedding, I may have stayed in pjs all day long. And that's okay. This outfit was the next best thing.

I bought these shoes, even though I knew my friend Janet already has them. Janet, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry! I stumbled upon them in Apricot Lane and they literally called to me.

Nate made me pull the shirt closer around the waist to get a good shot. Now I wish it actually fit this way!

What's with the cheerleader leg pop?
Hat - Target; Necklace - gift from Nate; Shirt - Target; Shorts - Heidi Klum; Shoes - Apricot Lane

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