Saturday, June 4, 2011

Library Trip #1

Milo and I took our first trip to the library yesterday, with Jen, Chloe, Conner, and Alex. It was a blast! Milo already loves books, probably because we spend time reading every day. But our library has these amazing HUGE books that totally captured Milo's attention. What a fantastic trip!

Note the HUGE book - what a great idea! The illustrations were life-size for Milo.

Yes, we both look disturbed. We were reading about male emperor penguins, who sit on the eggs until the baby chicks are hatched. The gross part was that they make some milky substance in their throats to feed the chicks for a few weeks, and then the moms return from their ocean trips and throw up in the baby chicks' mouths.

Chloe has become such a good reader, and she loved reading to Milo.

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