Monday, June 20, 2011

Wildfires a'burning

It is entirely too hot in Texas to a.) have hair and b.) be outside. Nonetheless, I am doing both in my outfit today. East Texas is having the second largest wildfire in its history, and we've literally been able to see the smoke painting the sky interesting shades of taupe and salmon. As far as I know, we're not in harm's way, but stepping onto my crunchy grass is quite an experience in and of itself. I've been watering my little garden every morning, though, and it seems to be holding out!
Squinting? Scowling? All of the above?

Not posing, just trying to keep my hair away from my face.

Here I am, pretending I like my dogs... Haha. You know I do (most of the time).

It's much easier to pose for a picture with your eyes covered. Nate kept telling me to stop squinting, which was physically impossible.

Close-up detail of my fabulous flowers. Yes, I made them myself.

Bright blue ruffle shirt - Old Navy; Navy cardigan - Target (with homemade tweaking); Shorts - Heidi Klum; Shoes - Target


  1. Cute outfit, and I'm still your biggest fan! :) Glad you had a great birthday and have a great week!!

  2. this looks SO comfy! love the brooches...

  3. The wildfires are horrible. We are following them even way up here. Wishing you rain! (Then we can see the rain outfit. ;))