Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to every dad who reads my blog... and I know there's a ton of you...
I've spent Father's Days in mourning since my dad passed away, but now that we have a Milo, celebrating Nate makes the day pretty exciting. However, Nate made me promise that we could just have a day at home today. He didn't want big plans or anything elaborate, just peace and quiet after at least a week of full-blown birthday party planning mode (more on that later). So he slept in a bit today, and we've just been chilling. I gave in and bought him some Sperry's, which he's wanted forever and I've told him I hate. But check this out - matching baby/daddy Sperry's are pretty adorable!

On to the outfit of the day. This super-soft Anthropologie shirt is beyond comfy. I mean, I practically wanted to cuddle with myself! And I had to go with the flattest of flat sandals for my running shoe shopping at Academy. Somehow wearing a peep-toe wedge didn't seem quite right for the occasion...

After watching loads of America's Next Top Model, Nate now reminds me to "elongate my neck" when I take pictures. Here's my best attempt.

Shirt - Anthropologie; Shorts - Old Navy; Sandals - Old Navy; Fedora - Target

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