Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Ultimate Party Recap

I don't know how to put into words my amazing 30th birthday party, but I'm going to do my very best. Imagine the classiest, coolest event you've ever been to, and then go above and beyond. Nate brought to the party everything that I love - earthy, natural, vintage, crafty, green, and the feeling of not being in Lufkin... If I were a party, this is what I would have been. Plus he had awesome black and white photos of me everywhere (can't go wrong there, right?), including tons of me growing up (and a big 8x10 of me and my dad).

I should have known how perfect everything was going to be when I saw the invitation, which looked like a newspaper with my birth as the headline. And seriously, who doesn't want a great shot of this chubby baby heinie hanging on the fridge? Good thing it also made a tasteful framed decoration.

Nate is a whiz with decorations, and he didn't disappoint on this one. The color scheme was green, yellow, and wood, and he used old doors as the tables. One night I heard him rap-tap-tapping away in the garage (which I was banned from entering), and come to find out, he was creating these amazing "30" table decorations. Need one? We have 6 now!

Tons of my friends and family were at the party, which was perfect. I feel sorry for anyone who missed, because it was amazing. Nate had probably the best idea ever when it came to food - a salad bar that put Jason's Deli to shame, and an ice cream bar with every topping I could have desired. They were both so brightly colored that they were decorations in and of themselves, and they combined my favorite foods with my love of preparing my own food. Plus my brother made the most amazing punch based on my favorite lemonade at Olive Garden. These people know me too well!

Some of my family tattled on me and told funny stories, and my brother-in-law wrote and performed a song about me. I have to say, I make pretty good inspiration, and Chad is beyond talented, so everyone got quite the treat. I'm sure it will be a radio hit any day now, so make sure to look out for "Kater Potater," coming to a station near you.

Nate also knew that I'd want all my nieces and nephews and childfriends at the party, so he set up a little movie theater area for them, and Jen handled the set-up of a kids' craft table. I loved having all the babes there, and I also loved that their parents could just relax and let them play without worrying. Seriously, there's nothing Nate missed.

And as if everyone hadn't done enough, I got a myriad of amazing gifts. Let me just say, I am one spoiled girl. THANK YOU to my wonderful husband who always thinks of everything and makes me feel like the most important person on the planet. And thank you Jen, Ann, Tree, Mom (Kath), Mom (Pegs), Becky, Gary Foy, Chad, Michael, Mikey, Sar, and anyone else who helped put together the best party Lufkin has ever seen. I love and treasure you all.

Here I am, looking thoughtful and sentimental, which is how I feel about this gorgeous event.

Oh, and Mom, I forgot to get you a gift for birthing me, even though I blogged about it not too long ago. So let me just tell you this. You and I spent some time butting heads over the years, probably because we can be so much alike. But having Milo has given me such a new perspective on the wonderful and supportive mom you've always been to me, and I can't believe that I haven't spent every day of my life telling you that. I love you so very much, Mom, and I know that who I am today is because of who you were to me.

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