Friday, July 1, 2011

The baby trumps it

Today I'm just mommy, and I'm a mommy who's a little ashamed at the whining I did yesterday. Milo is precious and wonderful (as always), and although he hasn't popped that tooth yet, he's feeling much cheerier today. Full naps definitely helped. So I just threw on a quick outfit for some errands with Milo and Nate this afternoon, and we all had a great time.
I've found that a baby makes the best accessory. In fact, a baby trumps everything you're wearing, because I could have had sweatpants on, and you probably wouldn't have noticed, right? Give me a precious little chubby-cheeked cherub any day.

Shirt - Clothes swap; Sweater - The Buckle; Shorts - Target; Wedges - Target

1 comment:

  1. I love the look....wish I could look like that..I guess I could if I would get up and get to exercising. Milo is just to adoreable and Mom Kate is as cute as a button.