Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to my mind

So today Nate asked me, "Since the 30 for 30 is over, are you just not posting on your blog anymore?" It's good to know he's interested... And I'll be honest, it's tough to find something to post about that doesn't have to do with Ann's wedding, which is this Sunday and taking up a large space in my brain. There are tiny pockets of room for other things though, so I thought I'd mention a few.

1. Cake pops. Cake pops cake pops cake pops. Starbucks cake pops make me giddy. It's a good thing for them, too, because if I didn't have all these sweets in my life, I would be unhealthily skinny. (wink)

2. Summery green and yellow. It's one of my favorite combos right now for decorations...

3. Ribbon flowers. We've made gobs of ribbon and fabric flowers for Ann's wedding, and I'm quite pleased with how adorable they are. In fact, here's a little sneak preview of what's to come.
Ribbon flowers on stems (and a tasteful jogging stroller in the background)

Fabric flower corsages for the lucky ladies in Ann's life

4. The Hal Higdon Marathon training app for my iPhone. Yes, friends, I'm back in it, and I'm hesitant to say it just in case, but I'm training for a marathon December 4 in Dallas. Yippee! Tree told me the only problem is that the weather could either be gorgeous or really cold. Really cold? Bring it on. This little ice princess would love to see some cold (although I seriously doubt that Texas cold gels with my idea of cold...). Two concerns with marathon training - 1. I am officially changing age brackets, to the 30-39. WHAT? and 2. I seriously need to cut down on my ice cream intake.

5. How on earth do I thread my sewing machine? And why won't the top thread pick up the bobbin thread? I've been all up in that sewing machine, checking the instruction manual, watching YouTube videos, and yet I still can not get this dang thing fixed. Anyone? Anyone?

6. Here's a somewhat embarrassing one. Why am I so upset about the split between J Lo and Marc Anthony? Nate has been giving me all the celebrity news lately, and he had to break this one to me gently. Not that I think Marc Anthony is anything but skeezy... Perhaps it's like a Lucy/Desi situation, but I'm still sad for their sweet little babies.

7. Nate, Milo, Nate, Milo, Nate, Milo (repeat). But since when don't these two take up all the bright spots in my brain?

And on that note, let me say good-night.


  1. Cannot wait to see pics of Ann's wedding! How exciting! Oh, and as for the sewing machine - are there arrows showing you where to put the thread? I swear, without the arrows, I'd be lost too! And once you get it threaded, turn the dial so the needle goes all the way down and slowly turn it back up and then you'll be able to catch the bobbin - I usually use another needle or the seam ripper to help pull the bobbin thread back up. I have been in love with my sewing machine for the last month or so working on blankets and whatever for the little man! Good luck!

  2. So, I learned a few things in my recent sewing class, though I'm still quite the amateur. :)
    Make sure that your bobbin is the right type for your sewing machine or the thread might not pull through properly. Also, make sure you are rotating the hand wheel toward you and as you rotate, pull the top thread up and to the right so that it will pull the bobbin thread up and out so you can get it.

    Hope that makes sense (since I still can barely do it myself).

    And as for your blog, I'd LOVE to keep seeing outfit pics when you're feeling so inspired. Good look with the completion of the wedding details! Looks like it's going to be so fabulous!!

  3. Cake pops again? Just when I got them out of my mind! The ribbon and fabric flowers are very nice.

  4. Thanks so much, guys! I will try these tips and let you know how it works out. It's been a few years since I used a sewing machine, but I'm ready to start making tons of stuff!

  5. Kate, if you still havent figured this out..I can take a look at it tonight and see if I can help. Angela & I are pros now ;)