Monday, July 25, 2011

Outfit of the (yester)Day

WHEW! The wedding is over. And the sad thing is, after doing 6 people's hair, and after Nate being there all morning setting up with all the fabric and ribbon flowers that I had spent so long making, neither of us remembered to take a single picture. I'd love a group shot of all the girls - don't have it. I'd love some pictures of the beautiful table arrangements, or the candle screens laced with ribbon flowers - don't have them. Heck, I'd love a simple picture of just Ann, since she looked so gorgeous. Again? Nada. All I have are a few shots of my outfit that I took with my phone after all was said and done, the reception was cleaned up, and Milo was packed safely in his bed for a nap. So forgive the tired eyes and slightly bedraggled hair (Milo had gotten ahold of it with both hands at this point), and here's the outfit of the (yester)day.
Made the sash, did the hair...
Full-length shot, with messy living room behind me. We had everyone at our house getting ready.

It's fun how it looks like Milo is in the picture, but really it's just a picture of him...
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some reception leftovers to attend to and a giant nap to take. Happy Monday to you!