Thursday, July 21, 2011

Buckle in the Back

Shirt - Fossil; Belt - Urban Outfitters; Skirt - Old Navy; Wedges - Target
I got a really full night's sleep last night, which I think inspired a sunshine-y mood (and therefore sunshine-y shirt). In fact, I felt so energetic that I had to dance in the street a little. Here's how you know that Milo was asleep while I took these pictures - if you look close enough, you'll see that I'm wearing earrings. No chance of that when the little man and his grabby hands are up. Also, I love love love this brown belt, but I hate hate hate the way it looks when I buckle it in the front. Problem solved - I buckled it in the back, because that's how I roll, friends.

Could I also add that I am not crazy? I took my sewing machine to the little repair shop downtown, and there is indeed something wrong with the bobbin. I've never been so glad to have something in need of fixing, simply because I was wondering if I really had my wits about me...

I know I've mentioned before that while Milo looks a lot like me, he tends to have Nate's personality. Every once in a while, though, he acts just a little bit like his mama. Nate took Milo to the store last night, and as they were walking down one of the aisles, a baby started wailing and crying. Nate turned around to see where said baby was and what on earth was wrong with him, and when he looked back at Milo, he saw... the lip. Oh the lip. When Milo is about to sad-cry, he throws that bottom lip out so hard there's a sonic boom, and it just kind of quivers there for a second while his huge eyes fill with tears. You know that when the lip comes out, he's not angry or throwing a fit. He is genuinely just a little bit heartbroken at that very moment, and Nate or I would move anything on earth to fix whatever's wrong.
So Nate saw that lip come out, and sure enough, poor Milo started to cry the saddest, most sympathetic cry that was so sweet and pathetic Nate immediately had to get him out of his seat and cuddle him. Poor Milo just felt bad for that other sad little baby and couldn't keep it in.
Let me point out that the nursery workers used to tell my mom that little babyKate cried in sympathy for the other babies when they were upset, too. Guess I was just that sensitive.
Awwwww. See? He does have a little bit of my giant personality in that itty bitty body. It's downright heartwarming.

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