Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A new day

Yesterday's rant is over, and I'm slightly more composed today. Heck, I even put on a bra (there was a totally legitimate reason for the lack thereof yesterday, and it involves a long run and a sports bra that will never be worn again... let's just say that Monday's post could have been called red, white, and boob). Anyway, I digress...

Today is a new day, and Milo and I had quite the morning. Nate had to go in to work at 2 a.m., which is apparently something that he should expect as an IT guy. I think Milo sensed he was gone, because he woke up not 30 seconds after Nate left. And then again at 6 a.m.  And then again at 8 a.m. I'm just grateful he skipped the 4:00 hour, because I might not be standing at this point. But he woke up all sunshine when he was finally up for the day at 8, and we had non-stop fun until his morning nap.

So for today, I did something that I thought I hated because it made me think of the 80's - I tied my shirt up. But in the end, I liked the way it looked. What do you think?

I'm getting back my runner's legs. Heck yes! And look at Bruiser peeking into the corner of the picture.

I'm so appalled that I didn't straighten up my couch before I took the picture. Woops!

Here I am laughing at Milo because he's doing this:

He's decided that his boppy makes an awesome recliner.
Happy Hump Day to you!

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  1. Love the outfit! And love the pic of Milo! Makes me wanna go out and by a boppy for me! ;)