Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chai Tea Latte

The 30 for 30 is over, and I still have to get dressed?
I will certainly be posting some outfit pictures from time to time, and I definitely had the best intentions of doing so today. I mean, I do have all these other lovely clothes in my closet that need my (and your) loving attention!

Just a quick note before I tell my story. If you got an email from me with the title "Free Nightly Hooker," please do not assume that I've chosen a new career path, and simply delete it. Although, nothing could suit a new mommy better than a career hooking, right? And now on with the good stuff...

I should have learned my lesson a while ago, but it involves math, which is not my strong suit.
Kate + evening chai tea latte = chattynosleepkatyekate.

However, I went ahead and drank that latte at 6:30 yesterday evening while I marched myself around Hobby Lobby shopping for Ann's wedding shower. In fact, I drank it and forgot it, and when I sprang into bed at 11:00, I couldn't figure out where all my newfound energy had developed. Normally I'm falling asleep as I feed Milo his 9:30 meal, having crazy dreams about driving for hours with horrid people to watch A&M lacrosse matches (do they even have a lacrosse team?) and breaking people out of prison as we go. True story, but I digress. Last night I couldn't stop talking, and all poor Nate wanted to do was go to sleep. Usually I'm the one who passes out as soon as my head hits the pillow, but my how the roles were reversed last night.

Me: "Geez, why am I so hungry? It's so late at night, and there's no reason I should be awake."
Nate: "Mmmmmhmmmm..."
Me: "I'm a late-night snacker."
Nate: "And a Midwestern cracker."
Me: "AHHHHHH!!!! No you didn't! That's hilarious! But if I'm a cracker, what does that make you?"
Nate: "So tired, Kate. Please go to sleep."
Me: "You're my southern man-nugget."
Nate: "No."
Me: "You're right. Milo is my little Texan nugget. Does that make you my big Texas beefsteak?"
Nate: "How about I be the cheese? Now go to sleep!"

(silence as I ponder this)

Me: "Yeah, you can be the cheese."
Nate: "Good-night."

(still thinking)

Me: "Nate, if I were a cheese, what kind would I be?"
Nate: "Baby, this is not the time. This is not a Facebook quiz. You need to go to sleep and we will discuss what kind of cheese you are tomorrow."

Of course I had to spend some time giggling about that one, and then playing on my phone, and then trying to snuggle myself into a comfy position that would put me to sleep. Needless to say, between the latte and our baby monitor gone berserk last night, I didn't get that much sleep, and still managed to hop out of bed and meet the girls for a run this morning.

But I'm about to hit the hay, and I'm sure you can imagine who's going to be the first to sleep tonight. Please, please please please, Nate, don't consider any retribution for last night. Although, we never did discuss what kind of cheese I'd be...

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  1. This would have to be my favorite blog post ever! Reading the Dialouge in yours and Nates voices just made my day ;) haha. You two!