Monday, January 31, 2011

The last day of January

Today is the last day of the month of January. Which means it's the last day of the month that I got to spend entirely with Milo.  In February I have to return to work, and while our babysitter Melissa is going to be fabulous, I'm just not interested in leaving Milo during the day. Maybe someday I'll be a mommy who looks forward to getting away, but right now, I can't even imagine it. My days are all about my family, and I love that.

I've practically become a real live housewife. I find myself enjoying dinner preparation and ironing. I look forward to my naps each day, and I look even more forward to when I can go wake Milo up from his. This work business is going to cramp my style. I can feel it already.

Tell me how I can work from home! And even better, tell me how Nate could work from home with me! And to make it the very most fabulous, how could Nate and I work from our home, and have that home be in Colorado? Ahhhhh, sweet dreams. Speaking of which, it's just about time for my nap.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new photo

I can't figure out what I love about this photo so much.  I think it's the face that Milo is making - one of many very expressive looks that he provides.  The mouth is getting close to the baby bird face he makes when he's hungry, and he just looks so pleased with himself.  Plus you can tell how tiny he is compared to Nate's arm.  More photos to come, and if you need to catch up, check out the tons I posted on some of my earlier posts.

Mommy moments

Here's how you know you've become a true mommy.
Your baby spits up and somehow aims it down your shirt.  You first wipe him off and make sure he's not too traumatized by the whole event (he absolutely hates spitting up).  You then just pat the shirt to absorb the spit-up and go on with feeding/changing/tickling/rocking/etc. your baby.  Some time later in the day, you realize that you are still wearing the same shirt and you have a clump of dried spit-up caught in your bra.  You also realize that you don't really care because changing the shirt or fussing with yourself would have meant moments away from your little guy while he was awake.
Oh yes, I have arrived.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


SHHHHHHHH!  He's finally asleep!
Milo has decided to remove himself from any sort of rational schedule the last few days, and instead is on a sleep fast.  He's not afraid to scream for an hour at a time and refuse to take a nap at all.  Keep in mind, the child is only 4 weeks old today.  What on earth?  I'm bewildered, to say the least.  But after an extremely rough morning, he's finally asleep.  Poor sweet baby.  And poor sweet mommy who is just trying to be an awesome mommy and somehow feels stumped on what to do for him in this situation.  AHHHHH!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

A tragic day for football

Yesterday was a disappointing day!  If you're a sports fan, more importantly, a sports fan from the Chicago area, you know what I'm talking about.

Milo and I were all dressed up, ready for the big face-off between the Packers and the Bears.  We had a long conversation about how Grandpa Jay and Great-Grandma Marilyn were big Bears fans, so even though we live in Texas, we need to support our team.  Milo stayed up for some of the game, and napped here and there.  And then heartbreak of heartbreaks, the evil Packers won.  YUCK.  I'm boycotting the Super Bowl this year since it involves the Packers and the Steelers, and Nate and Milo feel the same way.

But Grandma, if you're reading this, check out Milo's outfit (did the best I could without a way to buy Bears paraphernalia here in Texas).  He was supporting the team from a distance!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meltdown #1

Well, I had my first mommy meltdown yesterday.
I woke up from one of the most terrible dreams I've ever had.  And it involved someone hurting my babyson, and I was feeling like a pretty bad mommy.  I was so upset that I called Nate at work, in hysterical tears, not even quite sure how to deal with the dream.  He had to call me right back, so I stood in the dining room weeping.

Right then, the doorbell rang.  I wiped away tears, took a big breath, and opened the door.  This is what I saw:
The picture doesn't do justice to what are literally some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen, and they came with a card telling me what a good mommy I am.  Nate had sent them a few hours earlier, and they had come at the perfect time.  I have the most incredible husband in the world, who is doubling as the world's best daddy, and I couldn't be luckier.

I proceeded to finish with the meltdown, settle myself down, and go on with a good day.  Somehow I kept getting flashbacks of that horrible dream, but every time I walked into the dining room, the scent of these gorgeous flowers managed to put a smile back onto my face.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tiger Mothers

Oh my word.  If you're in the mood for what I found to be a disturbing read, check out the above link.  It's about the difference between Chinese parents, or "Tiger Mothers," and Western parents.  I clicked on the link because I was thinking, "Heck yes, I'll be a tiger mother.  I will tear up any person who even looks at my babyson wrong."  I had the wrong definition in mind, and when I figured out what a tiger mother really was, I was floored.  The idea of anyone treating a child like this is terrifying to me, whether that child becomes wildly successful or not.

The author basically talks about how Chinese parents aren't afraid to deride and humiliate their children if they don't succeed, and that the kids owe their parents everything and must spend their lives pleasing them.  She also said that Chinese parents aren't concerned about their kids' self-esteem.  She said that one time her father called her "garbage," and that it spurred her to succeed, and she has used the same insult with her little girl.

Wow, it made me sad, I guess because I think about the way I'm structured.  My "love language" is words of affirmation, meaning that I thrive on positive feedback and have my feelings extremely hurt when anyone has anything negative to say about me (and they don't very often - haha).  Of course I will encourage Milo to be his best, especially in school.  Of course I will teach him not to quit, even when things are hard.  But am I going to call him stupid or make him practice 3, 4, 5 hours a day at something in order to do well?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Because, first and foremost, kids need to be kids.  The world is so full of responsibility and headaches and work that they should enjoy just being first, right?  Responsibility can come a little bit at a time as they grow, but for goodness sake, I want my baby to have fun and play.  That's what being a kid is all about.

I'm curious to know what you think about this article, so if you have a few minutes, please read it and let me know.  Maybe I'm just extra-sensitive since I'm a new mommy and still have enough hormones surging to make me cry through the first five minutes (and honestly, the entire episode) of Extreme Home Makeover every week.  But that's another story, for another day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just sit

Milo couldn't/wouldn't sleep last night.  He had a really hard time laying down for bedtime (probably because it was way too late when we put him down - we just can't stop holding him sometimes).  And when I woke him up for his 3:00 a.m. feeding (yes, I seriously have to wake the child up to eat), we had some issues.  It could have been the Taco Bell, or the vanilla ice cream, that I treated myself to.  I guess I know now to avoid both, because my poor baby couldn't stop spitting up.  And spitting up doesn't even quite describe the rivers that flowed from his little mouth, seemingly without end.  I couldn't make it stop, and I couldn't keep up with his little outfits (yes, we went through 3). 

After I finally finished feeding him, changing his diaper, and changing his outfits (what a diva - I'm guessing he just didn't like what I put on him the first 2 times), I laid him down in his bassinet, only to notice that he was wide awake.  I guess after two diaper changes and three wardrobe switches anyone would be wide awake.  Lord knows I was.  In fact, while he laid there awhile, I headed to the other room to iron some clothes for Nate.  Everything was quiet, and I assumed that our babyson was asleep.  And then he started howling. 

I gave it a few minutes, because I know that sometimes babies just cry.  But it quickly became apparent that the howling was in no way going to stop, and that Nate was definitely going to awaken any second (and he actually has to work these days).  I scooped poor Milo up, saying, "Why won't you sleep?"  Then I realized that he had wet through his little sleeper, his swaddling blanket, and the blanket that he was lying on top of.  (sigh)  I couldn't be upset - I wouldn't want to lie in my own pee-pee, either (and boy did I feel like a jerk for that moment of frustration).

So it was back to the changing table, and a new onesie, and then a new river of spit-up to wet the onesie.  Seriously?  That was it.  I pulled that onesie off, dried him off, and wrapped him in another blanket, and we headed to the recliner to pray and brainstorm what the best mommy-thing to do would be.  At that point, I could have fed him again - it was 2 1/2 hours after his first feeding, and he had spit most of his first meal up.  I could have tried to lay him down again, just in case he was now as exhausted as I.  Instead, I came up with this brilliant plan.  Just sit.

You see, I don't just sit very often.  I'm somewhat of a busy person, and I'm a major problem-solver, and how is sitting ever the solution to a problem?  But something inside of me told me to go ahead.  So I snuggled Milo up over my shoulder, and we just sat, looking at each other, both of us feeling pretty content.  Every ounce of frustration in me melted away as my precious baby gazed up at me and said, "Thanks for cuddling me, Mommy.  I needed that," with his eyes.  And after a little while, he fell asleep, and instead of bustling back to my room to lay him down, I continued to rock and breathe in his beautiful scent. 

So I'm learning that part of being a Mommy is learning to pray for wisdom and be willing to wait on it.  And it isn't about rushing from here to there, adhering to the strictest of schedules, and looking ahead to what may come.  It's about slowing down, enjoying every moment, and sometimes just sitting.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Two more... and that's it!

Oh, I can't help myself.  Here are two more.  But now I'm really going to stop.  Can't let you see it all at once, right?  Besides, how much cute can you take all at once?

My little bundle

I've been really sad, because I don't have many photos of Milo and me together.  Well, I forgot that we had a professional photo shoot (done by Ms. Kylie Tyer, who is amazing), and we got a few really good ones of the two of us, as well as some awesome family photos.  So here's a sneak peek, and you won't believe the adorable birth announcement that's coming your way.  Here's hoping I have your address!  I dare you to say this isn't the cutest baby on the planet.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Two Men

Well, Nate had to go back to work today.  The house is not quite as fun without him, I'll be honest.  There was something so amazing about the three of us just being holed up for two weeks, like a beautiful adventure.  I have literally missed him all day (I know - I'm so cheesy!).

And I should be snagging a nap, but I can't help sharing pictures with you, just in case you're as enamored with my baby as I am.  Look at this proud daddy and this amazingly precious little bundle.  I have the two most handsome, most wonderful men in the world, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So as we speak, I'm listening to Milo try to cry himself to sleep. Poor baby. We let him sleep pretty much all day yesterday because of the circumcision. BAD idea, because when he started feeling chipper in the middle of the night, he kept us awake for hours. We're working on getting back on the schedule today. It's amazing how one day can send all that hard work straight to h-e-double hockey sticks.  Here's to hard lessons learned from parenthood. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Oh my poor little Milo.

Today was C-Day for him. In other words, let me be a typical mom and air my babyson's private business. He had his circumcision this morning, and I'm not sure who's more traumatized, Milo, or Nate and I. I think his feelings are genuinely hurt, and Nate and I are scarred because we could hear him crying from the procedure room the whole time. My heart hurts just typing that. I mean, for goodness sake, I can't even sit still while he cries himself to sleep.

My poor little Milo.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Photo updates

He was actually looking out the window - mama's little dreamer.

Poor Milo's feelings were so hurt when I gave him his sponge bath earlier today!

Here he is, just looking like a little man.

Doesn't he look like he's trying to tell me something funny?

And here he looks like he's laughing pretty hard at us.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mommy Lessons Part 1

So I've officially been a mommy for 9 days now.  And in those 9 days, I've learned quite a bit already.

Number one, Mommy's shower always comes last.  Unless Mommy sneaks out of bed before the crack of dawn and showers in the dark, and let's just be honest - when you've only had 3 hours of sleep, your priorities tend to change a bit.

Number two, I will do anything, absolutely anything, to make sure my babyson is okay.  Take, for example, the first two days of breastfeeding, when I was positive that poor Milo was starving and I was calling everyone I could think of in tears.  I remember thinking, "I will show anyone my boobs if they will just make them work right!" (Don't get excited - the offer is now off the table and Milo is eating like a champ.)

Number three, I am married to the perfect daddy.  There's something incredibly sexy about a man who is absolutely smitten with his baby.  And there's something even sexier about a man who volunteers to change a poopy diaper.  Remember how I mentioned in number one that your priorities tend to change a bit?

Number four, I am a sucker.  Now, this definitely needs to change, because I understand that babies cry.  And sometimes they even have to cry themselves to sleep.  But poor Milo had such a rough entrance to the world, and there's a circumcision on the way, so I feel like I have to shelter him from just a bit of trauma right now and hold him as much as possible...  I wonder if he knows yet what a sucker I am?

And finally, number five, I no longer care when and where I fall asleep, as long as Milo's safe and happy.  Heck, I don't even care that I sleep with my mouth wide open, and Nate took a picture and sent it to our friends and family.  Because honestly, Milo sleeps exactly the same way, so there's another way he takes after me and I love it. 


So there are my simple mommy lessons.  I can't wait for the many more that are to follow, especially when they turn out to be a little more practical.  I have some SuperMoms around me to live up to!

More Milo

I know I've mentioned before that Milo was somewhat of a miracle before he ever entered the world.  He's even more of one than I ever could have known.

When Milo was born, he wasn't breathing.  It was a rough delivery, and he was literally stuck, not coming out.  He was face up, and my doctor had to turn him.  They finally had to use the little vacuum to give him that extra pull to come out.  And then he wasn't breathing.  It was, in fact, the most terrifying moment of my life.  There was my beautiful boy, but he was limp, and gray, and there was no cry... 

The doctor quickly cut the umbilical cord and handed him off to several nurses, who then pushed a magical red button, and a small army immmediately rushed in to surround him.  They were compressing his little chest.  They used the bag of oxygen.  And after the longest few minutes of my life, I heard a tiny cry.  Only then did I realize that I was weeping.  I looked at Nate and he began to cry as well.  Our tiny little babyson was all right.  In fact, once he started crying, he began screaming, and then decided that he would be as alert as possible and check out any and everyone who came through the room.  Not only did he start breathing, but after every check-up from every doctor and nurse, they gave the same diagnosis.  "He's perfect." 

Thank you, Lord, my little babyson is more than fine, he's perfect.  And after an hour and a half of doctors and nurses sewing me back together, I got to hold and kiss and feed my perfect little gift.  He is truly a miracle.

Milo and I spend a lot of time lying on the couch together... since I can't sit down!

Sage brought a new toy for Milo, and he didn't seem to know what to think.  Good to know he's mastered the stank-eye already.

Thinking brilliant thoughts...

One of my favorite sights - Milo with his proud daddy.  I think he's giving him a hug here, which is appropriate, because his sleeper says, "I love HUGS" on the front.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, he arrived.  I went to the hospital Tuesday night to have some medicine to help my stubborn cervix get on a roll, and it just sent me straight into labor.  And my beautiful Milo Jay was born Wednesday morning, December 29, at 10:04; 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 20 inches long.  I don't think I have to mention that he has completely stolen our hearts.

I'll give you the dramatic tale of his birth another day.  For now, I'd just like to let you see a photo or two of the most amazing little child the world has ever seen.