Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear iPhone

Dear iPhone,
You have been a true and loyal friend, but you and I aren't the same people we once were. I have other priorities in my life, and my very own child, so you can't substitute anymore. And let's face it, I haven't been able to give you the love and attention you've deserved. You've been scratched and dropped, and several times I've knocked you senseless. You need better than that. I think it's time we parted ways.

Don't let it seem like I'm not heartbroken about this. You've entertained me through many a sleepless night or a long work conference. You gave me priceless treasures like Words With Friends (and its new sibling Hanging With Friends), Hal Higdon's Marathon Training, and Pocket Sword. I discovered, and discarded, Facebook along with you, and pinning with Pinterest has been a treat with us hand in hand. You taught me how to play Sudoku, for which I will be eternally grateful.

Oh iPhone, AT&T charges a ridiculous rate for you, and our new phone plan offers such cheaper service. You have been an expensive and distracting habit, and so I must bid you adieu, dear friend. After today, you will be neutered to function as an iPod Touch, so at least you can stay in the family. I will always look back fondly on our days together and wish you all the best.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Semi-guest post: Alex

If you don't know my nephew Alex, you're really missing out. He's one of the coolest, funniest, handsomest, and most thoughtful kids I know. And did I mention smart? Look at this picture. I mean, he even looks wildly intelligent.

Anyway, Alex fell in love with this picture of Milo on my phone the other day, and he asked me to add it to the blog. Of course, I had to oblige, because he even came up with a clever caption, and made my job easy. So here it is, ladies and gentlemen...
Milo is learning to whistle.
It's not every day I get to feature two handsome boy geniuses on my blog at the same time. Happy Tuesday, and thanks so much, Alex!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Outfit of the (yester)Day

WHEW! The wedding is over. And the sad thing is, after doing 6 people's hair, and after Nate being there all morning setting up with all the fabric and ribbon flowers that I had spent so long making, neither of us remembered to take a single picture. I'd love a group shot of all the girls - don't have it. I'd love some pictures of the beautiful table arrangements, or the candle screens laced with ribbon flowers - don't have them. Heck, I'd love a simple picture of just Ann, since she looked so gorgeous. Again? Nada. All I have are a few shots of my outfit that I took with my phone after all was said and done, the reception was cleaned up, and Milo was packed safely in his bed for a nap. So forgive the tired eyes and slightly bedraggled hair (Milo had gotten ahold of it with both hands at this point), and here's the outfit of the (yester)day.
Made the sash, did the hair...
Full-length shot, with messy living room behind me. We had everyone at our house getting ready.

It's fun how it looks like Milo is in the picture, but really it's just a picture of him...
Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some reception leftovers to attend to and a giant nap to take. Happy Monday to you!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look Who's Got Herself a Big Boy (6 month pics continued...)

He looks so much like my dad here

Is he flirting here?

Another of the "mean mommy put me in the grass" photos

I think this one is Nate's favorite. He looks so big!

He knows he makes a fantastic dot to the I.

Here he was just plain amused with us

Buckle in the Back

Shirt - Fossil; Belt - Urban Outfitters; Skirt - Old Navy; Wedges - Target
I got a really full night's sleep last night, which I think inspired a sunshine-y mood (and therefore sunshine-y shirt). In fact, I felt so energetic that I had to dance in the street a little. Here's how you know that Milo was asleep while I took these pictures - if you look close enough, you'll see that I'm wearing earrings. No chance of that when the little man and his grabby hands are up. Also, I love love love this brown belt, but I hate hate hate the way it looks when I buckle it in the front. Problem solved - I buckled it in the back, because that's how I roll, friends.

Could I also add that I am not crazy? I took my sewing machine to the little repair shop downtown, and there is indeed something wrong with the bobbin. I've never been so glad to have something in need of fixing, simply because I was wondering if I really had my wits about me...

I know I've mentioned before that while Milo looks a lot like me, he tends to have Nate's personality. Every once in a while, though, he acts just a little bit like his mama. Nate took Milo to the store last night, and as they were walking down one of the aisles, a baby started wailing and crying. Nate turned around to see where said baby was and what on earth was wrong with him, and when he looked back at Milo, he saw... the lip. Oh the lip. When Milo is about to sad-cry, he throws that bottom lip out so hard there's a sonic boom, and it just kind of quivers there for a second while his huge eyes fill with tears. You know that when the lip comes out, he's not angry or throwing a fit. He is genuinely just a little bit heartbroken at that very moment, and Nate or I would move anything on earth to fix whatever's wrong.
So Nate saw that lip come out, and sure enough, poor Milo started to cry the saddest, most sympathetic cry that was so sweet and pathetic Nate immediately had to get him out of his seat and cuddle him. Poor Milo just felt bad for that other sad little baby and couldn't keep it in.
Let me point out that the nursery workers used to tell my mom that little babyKate cried in sympathy for the other babies when they were upset, too. Guess I was just that sensitive.
Awwwww. See? He does have a little bit of my giant personality in that itty bitty body. It's downright heartwarming.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chai Tea Latte

The 30 for 30 is over, and I still have to get dressed?
I will certainly be posting some outfit pictures from time to time, and I definitely had the best intentions of doing so today. I mean, I do have all these other lovely clothes in my closet that need my (and your) loving attention!

Just a quick note before I tell my story. If you got an email from me with the title "Free Nightly Hooker," please do not assume that I've chosen a new career path, and simply delete it. Although, nothing could suit a new mommy better than a career hooking, right? And now on with the good stuff...

I should have learned my lesson a while ago, but it involves math, which is not my strong suit.
Kate + evening chai tea latte = chattynosleepkatyekate.

However, I went ahead and drank that latte at 6:30 yesterday evening while I marched myself around Hobby Lobby shopping for Ann's wedding shower. In fact, I drank it and forgot it, and when I sprang into bed at 11:00, I couldn't figure out where all my newfound energy had developed. Normally I'm falling asleep as I feed Milo his 9:30 meal, having crazy dreams about driving for hours with horrid people to watch A&M lacrosse matches (do they even have a lacrosse team?) and breaking people out of prison as we go. True story, but I digress. Last night I couldn't stop talking, and all poor Nate wanted to do was go to sleep. Usually I'm the one who passes out as soon as my head hits the pillow, but my how the roles were reversed last night.

Me: "Geez, why am I so hungry? It's so late at night, and there's no reason I should be awake."
Nate: "Mmmmmhmmmm..."
Me: "I'm a late-night snacker."
Nate: "And a Midwestern cracker."
Me: "AHHHHHH!!!! No you didn't! That's hilarious! But if I'm a cracker, what does that make you?"
Nate: "So tired, Kate. Please go to sleep."
Me: "You're my southern man-nugget."
Nate: "No."
Me: "You're right. Milo is my little Texan nugget. Does that make you my big Texas beefsteak?"
Nate: "How about I be the cheese? Now go to sleep!"

(silence as I ponder this)

Me: "Yeah, you can be the cheese."
Nate: "Good-night."

(still thinking)

Me: "Nate, if I were a cheese, what kind would I be?"
Nate: "Baby, this is not the time. This is not a Facebook quiz. You need to go to sleep and we will discuss what kind of cheese you are tomorrow."

Of course I had to spend some time giggling about that one, and then playing on my phone, and then trying to snuggle myself into a comfy position that would put me to sleep. Needless to say, between the latte and our baby monitor gone berserk last night, I didn't get that much sleep, and still managed to hop out of bed and meet the girls for a run this morning.

But I'm about to hit the hay, and I'm sure you can imagine who's going to be the first to sleep tonight. Please, please please please, Nate, don't consider any retribution for last night. Although, we never did discuss what kind of cheese I'd be...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome to my mind

So today Nate asked me, "Since the 30 for 30 is over, are you just not posting on your blog anymore?" It's good to know he's interested... And I'll be honest, it's tough to find something to post about that doesn't have to do with Ann's wedding, which is this Sunday and taking up a large space in my brain. There are tiny pockets of room for other things though, so I thought I'd mention a few.

1. Cake pops. Cake pops cake pops cake pops. Starbucks cake pops make me giddy. It's a good thing for them, too, because if I didn't have all these sweets in my life, I would be unhealthily skinny. (wink)

2. Summery green and yellow. It's one of my favorite combos right now for decorations...

3. Ribbon flowers. We've made gobs of ribbon and fabric flowers for Ann's wedding, and I'm quite pleased with how adorable they are. In fact, here's a little sneak preview of what's to come.
Ribbon flowers on stems (and a tasteful jogging stroller in the background)

Fabric flower corsages for the lucky ladies in Ann's life

4. The Hal Higdon Marathon training app for my iPhone. Yes, friends, I'm back in it, and I'm hesitant to say it just in case, but I'm training for a marathon December 4 in Dallas. Yippee! Tree told me the only problem is that the weather could either be gorgeous or really cold. Really cold? Bring it on. This little ice princess would love to see some cold (although I seriously doubt that Texas cold gels with my idea of cold...). Two concerns with marathon training - 1. I am officially changing age brackets, to the 30-39. WHAT? and 2. I seriously need to cut down on my ice cream intake.

5. How on earth do I thread my sewing machine? And why won't the top thread pick up the bobbin thread? I've been all up in that sewing machine, checking the instruction manual, watching YouTube videos, and yet I still can not get this dang thing fixed. Anyone? Anyone?

6. Here's a somewhat embarrassing one. Why am I so upset about the split between J Lo and Marc Anthony? Nate has been giving me all the celebrity news lately, and he had to break this one to me gently. Not that I think Marc Anthony is anything but skeezy... Perhaps it's like a Lucy/Desi situation, but I'm still sad for their sweet little babies.

7. Nate, Milo, Nate, Milo, Nate, Milo (repeat). But since when don't these two take up all the bright spots in my brain?

And on that note, let me say good-night.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy heart

I don't have a lot to say today, except one cute little thing about Milo.
The last few days, I've been telling him, "Milo, I love you so much, and Yahweh loves you sooooooo much," when I lay him down for his nap.
And when I tell him, he giggles.
Like he knows what I'm saying, and he likes it.
My heart is so full.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

6 month pics

Well how totally bizarre. Yesterday was the last day of the 30 for 30, and I basically missed it. Yes, I was wearing some of my pieces. In fact, I think I was wearing virtually the same outfit as the first day. I'll get you a picture if you demand it, but Milo had a 6-month photo shoot, so I'd really rather show you these...
Have you ever seen anything so sweet?

This face is my fault. I don't ever put Milo in the grass because I think about fire ants and whatnot, so he was NOT a fan of it.

Teething, anyone?

Yes, he will be an early reader and a boy genius.
You know for a fact I'll have more to come, and a super-huge thanks to the fabulous Delaney Harbuck for these amazing shots. Seriously, she's fantastic, so if you need some pictures I will get you her info. The week is drawing to a close - Happy Thursday, everyone!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Almost the first day

Today began marathon...
Wait a minute. I typed that much and then got a phone call from Nate. He can't switch his vacation time, so I may not be running the San Antonio marathon after all. Ironic how the timing on that worked out.

What I was going to say was that today began marathon training, and I'm thrilled beyond belief to be 18 weeks out from achieving something I've wanted since I was 19 or 20. And San Antonio wasn't the only marathon I could run. It's just the one that all my running peeps are doing, and the one I was shooting for. And I'm going to put on my big girl pants and be mature about this and say, third time's a charm, right? Because I was going to run last year and got pregnant (thank goodness - Milo is my treasure!). And I was going to run this one and can't. So the next one that comes up is mine, and I'll probably win the whole thing and rocket straight to the cover of Runner's World. Can't wait.

So let me just have a really good cry while you check out the outfit of the day, and we'll be done with this.
WARNING - extremely messy bedroom

So Nate wasn't home, and I had to do my own photography... I think that's my finger in the lower right corner!

This is how I feel about my 30 pieces at this point...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Date Night (woo-woo)

Nate and I went on our second date tonight since Milo was born. Yeah, it's been that long... Anyway, I sneaked this little number in with the 30 for 30, simply because I could. This is one of the comfiest dresses I've ever owned, and just a tiny bit shorter than what I normally wear. Kudos to Blithe Boutique for carrying stuff like this.

Every good date has to end with a squench from my babyson.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sick of Cycles (and I don't mean unicycles)

If you’ve been checking in with me regularly for the last month or so, you’ll find I’ve been rocking the 30 for 30 challenge, and giving you lots of pictures of outfits and very few personal stories. And it’s been a lot of fun. In fact, it’s been a bit of an escape for me. Posting pictures of what I’ve been wearing has been a lot easier than being honest with you, because the last month or so has been really hard, and I tend to hide out rather than spread the negative. But writing is cathartic for me, almost as natural as breathing, and without it my voice seems so little lately. I need someone to hear me. Now, let me just warn you, if what you want is an outfit pic, come back later. If you don’t want me to be a little pathetic and a little self-indulgent, definitely stop reading right now. Let me just tell you a little bit about cycles, though.

My poor baby is teething. He’s been teething for a long time now, and my usually sweet and happy-go-lucky son has not been getting enough sleep, therefore spending a lot of time whining. This stresses me out, which stresses Nate out, which makes things tense between us, which then stresses us both out even more, which I’m sure makes Milo sleep even less. Do you see this vicious cycle here? I dreamed last night that he popped through five teeth on the bottom, all at once, and based on the way things have been going, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. I want to enjoy every single moment with my baby, but lately I’ve been thinking, “If we can just get through this… If the next few weeks could just speed by…” So now put me on a guilt cycle and ride it all over town because all I want is to be a supremely perfect and delightful wife and mommy.

Add to that what I would call the friend cycle. Old friends, new friends… People come in and out of your life. Some stay longer than others. Some you’re glad to see go, and some you wish would stay forever. I know that people are here for seasons, for one reason or another, and I guess right now is my lonely season. I’m used to being surrounded with friends, especially because I’m such an extrovert, but in the last few months, it seems everyone is going and very few are staying… Taking steps back because I don’t attend the same church, because I don’t work in the same place, because we don’t believe exactly the same things, because I’ve said one thing and they’ve heard another… And to me, none of this changes the fact that I’m (sometimes) funny, (most of the time) kind, (always) loyal, (overly) sensitive, and definitely just me. I will laugh louder than anyone at your jokes, cry with you when you’re down, defend you no matter what, tell you “I have a great idea” at least 3 times a day, and pray the house down for whatever you need. Gross. Now I'm clawing to get out of the self-pity cycle, which I have gotten stuck in way too many times, and I'm sounding beyond pathetic. Please don't think I'm saying call me and take me to lunch (haha).

May I be honest? I’m tired of all these cycles. I might like a cakepop cycle, where I just get a different flavored cakepop every single day. Or a bicycle built for three. Or even a clothes cycle, where new clothes just magically appear in my closet and old clothes that I don’t wear just phase out… But life is a cycle, and I need to remember that the yucky, uncomfortable seasons always roll around to brand new, shiny, beautiful ones. I guess that’s all I’ve got today. Outfit of the day to come, funny stories to come, cheery Kate to come again really soon. Thanks for listening.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A new day

Yesterday's rant is over, and I'm slightly more composed today. Heck, I even put on a bra (there was a totally legitimate reason for the lack thereof yesterday, and it involves a long run and a sports bra that will never be worn again... let's just say that Monday's post could have been called red, white, and boob). Anyway, I digress...

Today is a new day, and Milo and I had quite the morning. Nate had to go in to work at 2 a.m., which is apparently something that he should expect as an IT guy. I think Milo sensed he was gone, because he woke up not 30 seconds after Nate left. And then again at 6 a.m.  And then again at 8 a.m. I'm just grateful he skipped the 4:00 hour, because I might not be standing at this point. But he woke up all sunshine when he was finally up for the day at 8, and we had non-stop fun until his morning nap.

So for today, I did something that I thought I hated because it made me think of the 80's - I tied my shirt up. But in the end, I liked the way it looked. What do you think?

I'm getting back my runner's legs. Heck yes! And look at Bruiser peeking into the corner of the picture.

I'm so appalled that I didn't straighten up my couch before I took the picture. Woops!

Here I am laughing at Milo because he's doing this:

He's decided that his boppy makes an awesome recliner.
Happy Hump Day to you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A sad day in American justice

Once upon a time as a little girl, I wanted to be a lawyer. Even throughout college, one of my favorite classes was international law, and I considered going into some sort of international law program.

And then I grew up and realized that the American legal system is a joke. Rather than protecting the innocent, it gives the guilty a way out almost every single time.

Case and point - Casey Anthony was declared not guilty today. I can't even talk too much about this, because every time I even think about this case, I get completely sick to my stomach. America should be ashamed for being such a depraved nation that people like this go free.

I'm sorry, but an outfit of the day seems a little too trivial today.
(And quite honestly, I did laundry today and spent the entire day in athletic shorts and a tee shirt. Too bad that look wasn't on my 30 for 30 list!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July! Hope your day was filled with cook-outs, sunblock, cool drinks, and fireworks. Mine was full of... well, one of the above. And fireworks on television. Such are the delights of new mommy-hood. I can't wait to take Milo to the fireworks next year, though.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

 Raise your hand if you feel like getting dressed on a Sunday morning. Anyone? Anyone? Right. Me either. But here goes nothing!
Nate was my awesome and creative photographer today

Why so serious?

And so busty? (haha)
Nate was really excited that he caught the dramatic hair flip, so I had to use this shot as well.
Blue one-shoulder top - Old Navy; Sweater - The Buckle; Belt - Gifted from Nate; Skirt - Gap; Shoes - Anthropologie

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend photo update

Well, what's a weekend without a little photo update? After all, who cares about just photo after photo of my outfits? I popped Milo into the laundry basket the other day, simply because he's learning to sit up on his own and I thought it might help. Well, this child loved it. Here's hoping he'll want to help me fold as soon as he gets a little older.
He made himself right at home

Simple and comfy

Apparently I don't feel like I need to upload my outfit photos until the late night these days... But here's my simple and comfy outfit for the day.

Friday, July 1, 2011

The baby trumps it

Today I'm just mommy, and I'm a mommy who's a little ashamed at the whining I did yesterday. Milo is precious and wonderful (as always), and although he hasn't popped that tooth yet, he's feeling much cheerier today. Full naps definitely helped. So I just threw on a quick outfit for some errands with Milo and Nate this afternoon, and we all had a great time.
I've found that a baby makes the best accessory. In fact, a baby trumps everything you're wearing, because I could have had sweatpants on, and you probably wouldn't have noticed, right? Give me a precious little chubby-cheeked cherub any day.