Sunday, December 10, 2017

Matching jammies

Matching jammies. There you go.

The official 9-month pictures

The nine-month photo shoot DID happen. Several days ago, if I'm being honest, but I just now salvaged a few pictures. I am in love with these jammies, which is why we took pictures in them, and if I had really been thinking, I would have put Lucy in her matching ones. Oh yes, I said it. Matching jammies. It is too cute for words. For now you'll just have to imagine.

This girl NEVER stops moving. And she has two adorable little chicklets for bottom teeth. And the hugest eyes and the hugest cheeks and the hugest grin. So here you go.

High kicks for nine months!

This was the saddest, most under-exposed photo EVER, but was so cute that I did my best to at least make it light enough to see. That smile was for Milo. Two punkins.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Post full of love (and pictures and videos)

Well, I am subconsciously in denial. Which is why I didn't realize it was Emmy's nine-month birthday until dinner time yesterday. Or it could be that our washer is broken and I was trying to haul laundry back and forth across town. You tell me...

But Emmy is nine months old! And Milo is almost seven years old (AHHHHHHH!!!)! And Lucy is just as four and a half as she can be and I love her for it. It's not all peaches and roses around here, but it is so busy and so wonderful and I am so thankful.

And speaking of thankful, meet Gloria.

When I was pregnant with Emmy (and we only toted two little people around everywhere), Nate kept telling me we needed a van. And I, in all my pregnant glory, told him I was absolutely not the van type. I'm obviously too young and cool for all that, right? And then Nate proceeded to remind me that I am EXACTLY the van type and exactly the type of person that van makers are marketing to. I am in my thirties, with three kids (technically two and one on the way at that point), and I haul a lot of kid stuff around with me... It was quite the blow. Then Emmy was born and I couldn't get a van quick enough. Nate surprised me with this beauty a few weeks back and we are literally the happiest little van owners who have ever existed. Seriously. I'm picking other people's kids up for fun these days.


Now that Milo's almost seven, he's clearly growing a beard...
This little dancer is going places. With a suitcase stuffed full of baby dolls. 

Cheeks and eyes for days.

Seriously - could they be any cuter? Note Lucy's gritted teeth. She literally can not handle how much she loves Emmy.


This ball pit has made it through three little people now. Well done, manufacturer.
And now this girl! She's learned to clap, LOVES peek-a-boo at all times, and is into everything. Plus she eats table food like a full-grown person (the quantity is impressive) and is so snuggly and delightful. Oh, and because I know this was weighing heavily on you, yes, we can now clip a bow in her hair. Whew.