Thursday, September 27, 2012

Purl Soho

As you've probably figured out by now, I'm a knitter. I've always enjoyed it, and the older I get, the more time I spend doing it. But I've realized it's serious business lately as I've become a yarn ogler. It's true. I've spent an obscene amount of time lately at the Purl Soho online store, and I'm warning you, only click on that link if you're prepared to be sucked in. I've never considered paying more for one skein of yarn than a piece of clothing until lately. Lucky for Nate, I'm being respectful of our checkbook and ogling only. But just for fun, I made you a rainbow of some of the colors and yarns I've been dreaming about.
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter - Long Johns

Koigu Wool Designs (KPPPM) - p601 (110)

Jade Sapphire Zageo 6 ply Cashmere - Charlie Brown
Anzula Squishy - Grace
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino - Jade
Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK - Robin's Egg 
Manos del Uruguay Maxima - Ultramarine 
Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 - 7811 Purple Jewel Heather
Manos del Uruguay Maxima - French Press
Well, there you have it. A bit of squishy yarn goodness. May your dreams be as cozy as mine.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snuggly love

There are few things more touching to me than the snuggly love a little boy has for his daddy.

Little boy feet. So cute.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lasagna = love

Ever realize how spoiled you are? Yeah, I'm there today. Yesterday my mom brought Milo and I half a pan of lasagna. We ate it for dinner... And then I ate it at midnight when I was wide awake (never, never, never drink a cup of coffee after noon)... And then we finished it all off at lunch today. Milo ate half of a piece, then asked me for more, and cried when I put it in the microwave because he wasn't getting it fast enough. Then he ate the rest of a giant piece and half of mine. We are some carb-loving people around here, and if you've never tasted my mom's lasagna, you are sadly missing out. I'd rather eat it than ice cream, and that is some serious business.

Lasagna aftermath

You know that feeling you get when you've eaten a little too much and just want to go to sleep?
And then there's the fact that I spend my days with these two. It really doesn't get any better.
Have you ever seen such a cute pair?
Just in case you forgot what a little BOY Milo is.

A sweet little boy, though...

And here's an innocent face to end it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Preston to Paisley

Remember the sports-themed nursery Nate painted for little Preston? If not, here's a recap...
Only problem? Preston actually ended up to be Paisley. Woops! That almost never happens in this modern day of ultrasounds and technology (I think Paisley's parents told Nate they had 4 ultrasounds. WOW!). Anyway, Nate was faced with turning the above photo into a girly paradise, but without repainting the entire room. Here's what he came up with:
Pretty impressive, eh? That's why he does these things and not I. He took this corner...
And made it this corner...
I'm pretty amazed with the final results and beyond proud of him (as I usually am). Check out Imaginary Spaces on Facebook if you're interested in seeing more of his work.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Heart full of mush

So I was just thinking today about how spoiled rotten I am with my two boys. Maybe I'm just feeling sentimental since I tried to read Love You Forever to Milo (We got three pages into it before I was crying so hard we had to stop. What sadist even offers this book as an option to read to your children? I'm setting it aside to read to myself the next time I need a good cry.) Anyway, just thought I'd tell you a few things I'm especially grateful for today.

Things I love about Milo:
1. He's been thinking so much about his pony ride that he tells just about anyone he sees, "Hawse." Nothing else. Just "hawse."
2. He calls Bella "Blehhh," sticking his tongue out while he does it.
3. He says words  like "llama" on the first try, but won't say simple things like "cat" or "dog." Guess he just likes a challenge?
4. At night, he prays for Yahweh to "hep" everyone (and thing) he can think of before he goes to sleep. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're on the list. He's very thorough.
5. He wants to be just like his daddy these days, imitating the little things he does and says like clockwork, including the hocking a loogie sound during toothbrushing, making buffalo horns on his head with his fingers, and the way he laughs and slaps the table.

Things I love about Nate:
1. He tickles Milo until I'm sure he pees, and he gets a laugh out of him that nobody else can seem to.
2. He spends time talking to me before he does anything else when he gets home every day, and tickles me until I almost pee...
3. He makes me laugh non-stop, and says ridiculous things like, "You got jokes, shinypants?"
4. He hates to spank Milo. He does it, but he hates to. He'd always rather show mercy, and I love that so much.
5. He is the number one most incredible husband and daddy on the planet.

So there. A big fat bunch of moosh to welcome in the weekend. And a little video to go with it. Milo making the buffalo horns as he looks at a buffalo... I didn't even have to add music this time, as the soundtrack from the pot-belly pig races in the background is exciting enough (I kid you not). Enjoy!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Petting zoos and pony rides

We took Milo to the Forest Festival last night, and I think we made the entire month of September for him. He frolicked through the petting zoo, rode a high-speed carousel (I wasn't sure I'd make it a step without falling down afterward), and to top it all off, took a pony ride, from which he emerged saying, "hawse" like a true southern gentleman. He was so serious, taking it all in, and Nate mentioned how proud his dad would be of how Milo just rode that horse like a pro. Yay, Forest Festival!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Milo's Animals

It's no secret that I absolutely adore my son and think just about everything he does is a.) brilliant, b.) hilarious, c.) news-worthy, or d.) all of the above. Imagine how delighted I was to get video of him going through the plethora of animal names and sounds that he knows (and teasing his daddy just a little bit in the process). And I can't remember if I've explained before, but "tah-chee" means cheetah. Yes, he says it backwards, and yes, I love that. So there.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Being little

Do you ever just wish you could remember how much fun it was to be little? You know - the kind of little where you still fit into every little crack and crevice and homemade tunnel?
One of my new favorite pictures.

Is it just me, or does Milo look EXACTLY like Nate?

Pull-through wrap

Pull-through wrap.
Now, when I told you the other day that we've just been chilling, I mostly meant it. I've also been knitting up a storm, I guess hoping for cooler weather... And usually I stick to pretty short projects, but for some reason I took this one on a few months ago. Okay, let me repeat, in case you didn't notice what I said. A few months ago. I don't even love working on a project for a week, no joke.  

If you are a knitter, or care at all, there was tons of cable-knit (which I love), and lots of seed stitch (which I don't love).
The good news is that you can also wrap up your almost 2-year old along with you...
Truth? I haven't even washed my face today. But I did put on makeup so that you would think my wrap was even cooler. It all makes sense, right? Anyway, if you asked me for a wrap just like this, I would tell you absolutely not because I never want to knit this project again. Okay, who are we kidding? I would probably wait a few days and then just give you this one, because I'm not awesome at saying no. So don't ask me for it and we can stay friends.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just hanging out

Ever wonder what we're doing when you haven't heard from me in a little while?

Just hanging out.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A little wedding fun

Okay, so how often does a 31-year old woman get to play dress up, as much as she may want to? Our amazingly talented friends have joined efforts to form a photo & video troupe, and we got to be the guinea pigs.

Since Nate and I got married in Central Park, we didn't really get formal wedding pictures. Seven years later, Delaney asked us to dress in our wedding attire and do a little photo shoot. The results were, I thought, pretty stunning, and I thought I'd share a few. If you're interested in more of Harbuck & Co.'s photography or video (or if you need to book them), definitely check out their website - They were so extremely professional and fun to work with. Nate and I seriously laughed our way through most of it because we felt so comfortable. They have so many amazing photos and videos on their website, so make sure you pop over and see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A haircut and a montage

Somebody in our house got a haircut, and went from looking like this...
to this...
In a matter of minutes, Nate gave Milo the cutest little haircut, and boy was Milo impressed with himself.
And now, a few other shots from the last few days of Milo cuteness.

Milo LOVES corn on the cob.
Little boys in suspenders. Does it get any cuter?
The good thing about Milo's haircut - when he's feeling a little cranky, I can give him a faux hawk and we both feel better.

Yesterday Milo set himself up a little drum kit and spent some time drumming on both of these. I was glad when he decided to make the softer drum a seat instead of banging on its nicely stretched surface.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear Nana

Dear Nana,
Thanks for always reading to Mommy and taking her to the library so she would pass a love of reading to me.
I love you.

Throwback socks

I was born in 1981 (shhhh, don't tell how old I am). That being said, I was young enough throughout the 80's that I missed a lot of the trends. Mom never let me get a perm (although I had a light purple crimper that I used every now and then). And, by the way, Nate mentioned that I should thank you, Mom, for never letting me get a perm. So, THANKS! I didn't have mall bangs, usually only wore one pair of scrunch socks, and my denim wasn't stonewashed or acid dyed. All these I feel grateful for in hindsight, but I don't ever remember having a gorgeous pair of legwarmers (despite all my dance classes), and for that I was truly disappointed. Until yesterday, when I finished this pair of beauties.

I'm not sure what's more awesome - the rainbow pattern or the cheesy poses I did for Nate to get photos of these babies.

I had a skein of rainbow yarn that I was itching to use up, and I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the legwarmers in the end, so this was a test-run pair. I knew I wouldn't have quite enough to do full rainbow legwarmers, so I made the top a soft, scarlet bamboo yarn instead. Added bonus? They're like a finely groomed mullet - business on the top and party on the bottom. I'm planning to wear them as boot socks if it ever gets cool enough (side note - it was in the high 70's last night and I was practically chilly), and I'm masquerading as a dancer around the house for now. To each his own, right?