Friday, January 27, 2017


Hiatus. I'm pregnant. Need I explain?

I just can't forget to write these things down so I remember them forever.

I was in a hurry the other day, trying to do multiple errands before I had to give in and use a public restroom with two children (one of my least favorite things on the planet). As I hurried my little people into the post office, Lucy was creeping along (as she often does), and told me, "Mommy, sometimes it just feels so. good. to. walk. slowly."

We went from the post office to HEB for grocery shopping, and down one of the aisles we encountered a woman with a prosthetic leg. She smiled at my little people and just kept shopping, and they both stared in wide-eyed wondered. I whispered a silent prayer to please let them hold their tongues, and remarkably, they did. Until she left the aisle, and Milo excitedly reported, "Mommy! I just saw someone with a real live pegleg!" What can I say? The boy loves pirates.

Hope your Friday is full of sunshine.