Sunday, August 6, 2017

Emmette Annabel, age 5 months

Oh, friends. At least you know that, if nothing else, I'll meet you here once a month. Sweet Emmette is five months old now. How is that possible? I can remember the day she was born. It was yesterday, right?

But no, this little nugget is growing and time is flying by faster and faster all the time. (I guess we're making up for how sloooooowly it went by when I was pregnant.) She is rolling all over the place now, and has been getting up on her knees and moving herself forward a few inches. She graduated from the swaddle and is snuggling up in a "sleep sack" at night. She laughs out loud (especially at Milo) and usually has a smile on her face. She is still easy-going and sweet-natured, although I think we may be in for it when she starts crawling because she's such a busy and curious little lady. She loves to put her feet on people and has, as Nate would say, excellent turn-out (want to be a dancer, Emmy?). And she is sitting up really well in her Bumbo and will be on her own in no time. Emmette Annabel, you are such a treat!

All three  kids had the sniffles when we took these pictures, but they were still so cheery.