Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well, we're here in Grand Prairie at the most beautiful high school I've ever seen - Dubiski Career High School. For example, I just walked up 4 flights of spiral staircase to my team room, but I could have taken one of four elevators in the main lobby. If I were a high school student interested in cosmetology, I could take classes in the Toni & Guy hair salon. I could correspond with the Art Institute Online for my Graphic Arts program while sipping a latte from the cafe, or work on my business homework in the two-story library. WHAT?!?!? Here I am, 28 years old and jealous of a group of high schoolers.

Aside from that, the kids survived the short bus trip here. Get this. While we were in the bus waiting for one student, they moved us from one short bus to an even SHORTER one (picture to follow). Then we drove all the way here, where our poor little bus promptly gave up and the engine stopped. The driver finally got it cranked, we didn't have to spend the night in the Taco Bell, and the bus barn sent us yet another short bus all the way to Grand Prairie. So that's right, kids. We're on Short Bus #3. But you know what they say. Third time's a charm.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Academic Decathlon. So many words come to mind. Not so many good... It's been a rough year for extracurricular activities, with me losing my mind last fall and whatnot. So the ACADEC team is a little sparse. 7 students, to be exact. 7 students, me, and poor Jason Sawyer, headed in the short bus to Grand Prairie for an overnight trip. PRAY for me.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I've had a frazzly day... Is that even a word? Nothing else could adequately describe how hectic today's been, though, or what my hair looks like at the end of it all.
My fourth period class keeps growing every day. I had to come up with two desks during class to accomodate the students I keep acquiring. And not only is the class full, but it's full of attitude and learning disabilities. Bad combination, and one that leaves me feeling like a bad teacher at the end of the period. Believe me, when my sunshine and smiles wear out and I have to keep someone after class, I feel worse than the kids. I'm a sucker. What can I say?
So at the end of the day, when all the students have left and all I can hear is the noise of the air conditioning (yes, for some reason my classroom is refrigerated year-round), I sat down to write this blog. And in the midst of my whining, I looked up at my white board, where a student had written "T loves you." Awwwww. That's right, I remember. I do love my students. Every last attitude and flaw, every last sweet smile and pair of eyes that light up when they finally get it.
Okay, I'll come back tomorrow.

So my husband says I need a blog...

Well, I did it. I took a blog that I made for a class a while ago and morphed it into my brand new spot. It's just for me, and I can't decide for sure what I even want to talk about. But Nate, my lovely husband, keeps asking me why I don't just WRITE. It's what I went to school to do (originally). It's what I want to do. So why don't I just stop whining and actually do it?

I'm a high school English teacher, and I'm full of student stories, so get ready. I'm also a worship leader, a runner, a sister, an aunt, a former soccer player, a current bleeding heart, future world-changer, and a sometimes great, sometimes horrid wife. Believe me, there's enough material here for the rest of my life.

So this is the beginning. If you're interested, read away. If not, you won't hurt my feelings. Unless you publicly declare how ridiculous you think I am. Then I may cry and tell God on you, and secretly still really want you to like me. But this is it, so enjoy...