Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BIG announcement

Well hello there! Remember me? I used to write on this blog almost every day, and then I took a bit of a hiatus. Nothing scary, nothing bad. In fact, it's a miracle that is so profound it's left me heaving over a toilet morning, noon, and night for weeks now. Have you guessed it?

That's right... Milo is going to be a big brother next year, because I'm pregnant! There is a tiny little sprout in here demanding a lot of attention (which only leads me to believe it must be a girl - haha), and our new addition will be here around June 21. So, happy birthday to me, happy Father's Day to Nate, and happy every day to Milo, who will be the world's best big brother.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fire station adventure

While we're playing catch-up, let me share a few pictures of Milo's first trip to the firestation! Emily and Lily were headed there on Monday, so he tagged along while I went to an appointment. Emily said Milo seemed a little confused as to why he and the fire truck weren't taking off and driving around, but in the end he couldn't have been too upset, since he talked about the "fire cups" (yes, truck and cup sound exactly the same) for the rest of the day. THANKS, EMILY!!!

Milo and the gorgeous Emily (he LOVES her and talks about her and Lily all the time)

Conner's birthday hat

Oh my goodness, it's been a little while since I've posted. Just working on a big project here that I can't tell you about until next week. How's that for anticipation?
But let me show you a project that I did finish last week - Conner's birthday hat! I saw the pattern online and had to knit it up immediately because it made me think exactly of Conner (whom Milo calls "Hat" since he loves a good piece of headwear).

Long and striped

Milo did want to try it on before we sent it out...
... but it was the perfect fit for Conner! Happy birthday, handsome!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Yet another reason I love Milo... This morning I asked him if he'd like a piece of cheese with his breakfast, to which he replied, "Piece cheese. Of course." Looks like we're raising him well.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ray of sunshine

It's been one of those weeks... I'm tired, overwhelmed, and have a ton to do. BUT, I've got a pint-sized ray of sunshine to keep me company all day long. Not so bad after all, right?

Monday, October 15, 2012

It just gets better

As always, we just live for excitement around here. And just when Milo thought things couldn't get any better, his Auntie Ann found him a Cars shirt - complete with a picture of Lightning McQueen and a checkerboard cape. He, of course, had to immediately put it on over his pjs last night, and then first thing this morning as well (with his car shoes). So the weekend was a success.

He was trying so hard to be still enough for a picture...
...and it worked for just a second.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family Photos Part 3 (the final episode)

Just a few more pictures, per Nate's request...
Nate LOVES this picture.

And we both adore this one.

Family Photos Part 2

Oh my word, what ginormous company wants to sign my babyson to be their child model?

I LOVE the sweet look on Milo's face. He adores spending time with Nate and I together.

Reminder: All of our amazing photos were done by the geniuses at Harbuck and Co ( Seriously, go to their website and book them immediately. You'll be so glad you did.

Family Photos

So we had ourselves a little family photo shoot last week at the VFW carnival (Delaney's idea) with Harbuck and Co ( We had a blast, sliding down the giant slide, riding the ferris wheel and the carousel (Milo's first time and he loved both), and stuffing our faces with blue cotton candy. The weather was hot and humid, but we still managed to have fun, and Delaney and Sarah were fantastic at making us feel completely comfortable (even though we were being followed around the carnival with a small photo posse - no big deal, right?). Seriously, though, who doesn't like to feel like a celebrity for a day? Well, within reason... 

Nate and I are thrilled with our pictures, and I couldn't wait to share, so here you go. Enjoy!

These two make my heart melt.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy birthday, Ann!

With all my complaining about the weather, I forgot to mention something significantly more important. Today is my baby sister Ann's 23rd birthday. I still remember the day she was born... I waited at the open window of my 3rd story bedroom, singing songs from The Little Mermaid and simultaneously hoping for a healthy baby brother (who would actually turn out to be a sister) and that I would be discovered as the newest young singing sensation. Even though technically neither of those wishes came true, I'm the most spoiled girl alive to have three (not just two) fabulous sisters that I also consider my best friends. Ann, I'm delighted that you were a girl, that we can share clothes, and that you are such a wonderful success at everything you touch. (I'm also delighted that I had a good reason to make blue champagne cupcakes.) I love you. Happy birthday!

Weather woes

Remember two days ago when it was cold? What in the world? This is the time of year when the weather makes me irritable. Because if it's going to get cold (and really, just chilly), it needs to stay that way for a while, instead of toying with me and going up and down sometimes twenty degrees.
 Anyway, let's live in the past and remember the weekend that made Milo and I wear sweatshirts and frolic outside.

Always moving.

Milo kept peeking his head around this half wall and telling me, "Heyyyyyy."

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cars shoes

Oh my, have we had some excitement around here. You see, Milo's had his eye on some Cars slippers for several months now. I literally can't even say Target without him telling me, "Cars shoes, Mommy." It's reached that level. Well, tonight Nate gave in (truth be told, he's the bigger sucker of the two of us, and I'm delighted to say it), and we came home with a pair of Cars slippers. Well, that is, after Milo ran all over Target in them first. He cried when I took them off to give him a bath, and when Nate was finally reading the Bible to him before bed, I could hear him whispering, "Cars shoes. Cars shoes." It doesn't take much. Just a $10 pair of slippers.
Car shoes and a free dog Milo calls "Woof" from family pictures at the carnival.

I know this picture is blurry, but you couldn't miss seeing this face.

Up close and personal
Milo was really busy while Nate was trying to shoot this video. After all, there were slippers to run in, a drum to stand on, and cars to move from the shelf to the counter. It's hard work being Milo, and don't you forget it. Also, don't forget that at the end of this video he literally uses the word "awesome." My thoughts exactly.

Never trust a pretty cream Cadillac

I don't frequently go out expecting any attention, unless it's for my adorable child. Take today, for example, when I threw my hair into a braided ponytail (a la Cabbage Patch dolls), put on a sweatshirt, and packed Milo into the jogging stroller for a nice, chilly-weather walk. In my world, sweatshirt + bad hair = invisible girl, but I'm not always right.

Since I moved to Texas, I've mastered the "I'm friendly but not overly so" wave for my neighbors and any passing cars who don't try to run us down. I threw out a handful of them as we walked, and Milo and I talked about the pretty cream Cadillac as it drove by us.

And then that pretty cream Cadillac backed halfway down the street and scared the bajeebas out of me. Suddenly, right next to me, a man was leaning out his window saying, "Hey, what's your name?"

"Kate?" Yes, I answered in the form of a question, because I was so startled and still remembering that I'm not allowed to talk to strangers (I've been a rule-follower since day one, people.).

"Well, Kate, do you live around here?"

Ohhhhh, okay. He needed directions. I get it. "Yeah, why? Are you lost?"
"Are you single? Married?"

And then it hit me. This man had backed his car all the way down the street to ask a sweatshirted, ponytailed girl pushing a child in a stroller if she was interested... HUH?


"Awww, that's no good. Okay. Later."

At least he had the decency to drive off when he found out I was married, right? I'm telling you, though, that must be my lucky strip of road, because it's the same place I was "one hell of a woman," too. But tell me this, what is it about rumpled women walking with children that makes random men think, "That's it, right there. She's the one."

October mornings

Good brisk, lovely October Monday morning to you! Hope your day is filled with singing, laughter, and lots of love.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chasing balloons

We went to the VFW Carnival tonight to take family pictures, and just wait until I get them back to share. I'm so excited to see them! Until then, you'll have to be satisfied with a few shots of Milo, who ran circles around the house with his balloons for at least 20 minutes when we got home. I'm blaming it on a mix of cotton candy and overstimulation. It was pretty cute all the same.
I think part of the reason Milo was running was that I was trying so hard to take a picture.

He would wait for me right here, yell, "Mommy!" and then run as soon as I came around the corner.

And he's off...

Still running...

What bedhead?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Play time


Milo was all smiles and charm tonight - his friend Lily came over for dinner and a little play time in the yard. He couldn't have been more delighted to have someone to play on his slide with him!

Yes, he is literally saying, "Cheese!" Lily is saying something that sounds like, "What in the world is he doing back there?"
Remember Lily? She's so grown up - she'll be 1 tomorrow!
It's like Milo couldn't believe his luck.

I'm so glad Nate can't resist photo ops like this, right?
Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures. This little adventure deserved a post all of its own.


It's the little things that make me happy, and I thought I'd show you a few things that are making my days.
Salted caramel mocha creamer. I seriously look forward to getting up and having my coffee with this.
Our little Sukka - we're eating outside every night for a week to celebrate, and so far, so good.

Excellent decorations, thanks to Ann's wedding last year.

The simple beauty in nature's color.

Brioche knit. Oh my word, it's one of the best things I've learned in the last month.

Leopard - my favorite neutral. It makes even the most mundane a little more fun.
Just some snapshots of what I could share. Other intangible things I love - the fact that Milo calls his feet "feeps" and sings Yahweh during any quiet moment in his day. The sound of Nate and Milo laughing and talking as Nate lays Milo down for the night. My dogs, as annoying as they are, sitting right under my chair as I type this. Nate providing for our family completely (we joked tonight about how the only thing I know about our finances is that there's a difference between "Don't spend any money," and "Okay, seriously, we really can't buy anything right now."). The fact that my brother-in-law is finally home from the military, so I know he's that much safer every day. Laying my head down on the pillow at night, snuggling up beside Nate, and feeling completely satisfied, cozy, and cared for. I'm a happy girl.