Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grandma Marilyn

I've been gone a bit. Maybe you noticed? I don't have any adorable little people pictures for you today. I don't even have any funny stories. In fact, I'm leftover sad, and I'd like to tell you where I was.

My grandmother passed away. I know I've mentioned that she was battling cancer. She had been for a little while, and she was so remarkably courageous and tenacious. I honestly thought that Grandma Marilyn would outlive all of us, cancer or not. But when Mom went up to Elgin to help care for her, I knew things weren't good. And then we got a call that things were REALLY not good. And then another call that she wasn't expected to make it through the night. Nate made a quick decision and we packed up these little people and hit the road, hoping we'd make it in time.

And Grandma knew we were coming. And she knew Ann was coming. And Sarah was coming. And Jen was coming with the kids. And she waited. She waited for us to get there and tell her how much we loved her and how important she was to us. She waited to listen to Milo and Lucy sing her songs and she smiled in her sleep as they did. She waited so Milo could sit on the bed next to her and Lucy could brush her hair. She waited to open her eyes, look me right in the face, and say, "Oh, hi, Honey."

And then she couldn't wait anymore because fighting for so long had worn her out. And so, last Monday morning she passed away peacefully as a blanket of snow covered the city. I wanted to feel relieved for her because now she was finally at rest, but I have been selfish and heartbroken and crying at the drop of a hat and forgetting important things and snapping at my sweet husband. So that is where I have been.

I will tell you that Lucy preciously mentioned to everyone who came near Grandma, "Shhh! Gammie sleeping!" I will also tell you that Milo got it into his head that "heaven" is outer space, and mentioned to more than a few people that Grammie was NOT in heaven (That goes over really well with people who are grieving, no?) And I will add that, although our trip was for a sad purpose, we still enjoyed making fantastic memories with our family and my little people have become an absolute dream to travel with.

Perhaps tomorrow I will show you sweet pictures of Nate in the hammock with our little people. Maybe I'll tell you about all the seeds we've planted and the gorgeous weather we're having and how we all smell like outside at all times. For today, I just wanted to let you know that I still exist.

Friday, March 20, 2015

My little girly girl

Just a quick thought, because everything has had to be quick the last few weeks. I'm on overload! I had a few minutes today to sit down at the computer while my kitchen floor dried, so I pulled up one of my favorite fashion blogs - Kendi Everyday. I happened upon a post where she was wearing a floral dress with a striped jacket and spent a minute looking at it (SUCH a cute combo). Lucy wandered up and stopped in her tracks.

"Oh Mommy, pretty! Look! Pretty!"

She had to climb up in my lap to get a better look and continued on, "Look! Shoes. Dress."

And then she noticed it.

"OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Jacket!" She literally squealed it.

I've got myself a girly girl.
Thank you, Lord.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grammie videos

As previously mentioned, my Grandma is in the hospital. We've been trying to send a few videos to cheer her up, and my mom has had a hard time getting them to open on her phone. So, again, indulge me because I'm posting these for her. But you get to see how amazing these people are, too. Oh! And you get to see what a good sport Nate is. Seriously. He's the best Daddy and husband in the entire world and he makes me laugh so hard.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pirate prayers

And my last post today...
My Grandma has been in the hospital for about a week now, and we've been praying for her every day. Mom suggested we send a video or two to cheer her up, and I told Milo that he was more than welcome to say, "Argh," like a pirate if he would also tell her something sweet. Well, he got the sweet part, but I'd say the delivery is borderline terrifying...

Lucy growing

While we're on the subject, let me tell you who else is growing. Lucy Lu. This little lady is talking so well (in complete sentences most of the time). She loves babies. I mean, she LOVES them. She has three little baby dolls that she prefers to carry around naked. I'm not sure why they have to be without clothes, but that's her preference. She named them Tiny, Lala, and Firefly. It's good to know we have eclectic taste around here...

Lucy's hair is growing, and as you probably noticed from our family pictures last month, I can get the top up into pigtails. She's passionate about everything, whether it be her favorite activities or standing up for what she wants... Amanda said that I have two firstborn children as far as personalities go, and she's completely correct. She's no passive little sister, that's for sure!

Milo's safety goggles are popular around here.

A baby Lucy followed around the mall play place.

Both of my little people look amazing in a hat.

This picture is so stunning to me.

I had this cow picture on my phone and it really delighted me.

Lucy recently figured out that her baby's dress makes an excellent hat for herself, and the diaper makes a great hat for the doll.

Milo growing

Milo is getting old. I know, I know, four isn't forty. But he has gotten so grown-up lately. I guess I'm feeling a little on the sentimental side because I spent the last day and a half going through his old baby clothes to see which to store and which to sell in our garage sale (THIS FRIDAY - COME SEE ME!). It seems like yesterday I dressed him in these amazingly tiny onesies that looked too small for even a doll, and he was absolutely swimming in them. Now I can't even spell things in front of him anymore because he can sound out words and read. He's thinks pretty often about who his wife will be (he can't help it - he's a planner extraordinaire, just like his Daddy), even though I tell him that he has such a long time before he even has to consider it. And he can do cartwheels. How does this happen so quickly? I read this post by my friend E today, which referenced this post from Coffee & Crumbs, and I found myself nodding, even though my little man is so much older than theirs. Because I still find myself whispering, "Don't grow up so fast," every time I kiss his sleeping cherub face before I crawl into bed.

All this to say, here are a few pictures of my handsome, funny, ridiculously smart little man.

Matching outfits = fun times

This smile. We're all in trouble.

Milo recently built a birdhouse with Nate. He felt so amazing.

Safety goggles and all...

Sunday, March 8, 2015

These legs...

We already knew that Lucy got my big, wide mouth. It turns out she inherited my solid legs, and it's so much more adorable on her. I'd say those little legs are perfect, and I'm pretty much smitten.

Lucy saw this picture and kept saying, "Lucy in Milo boots!"

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

I think Nate and I have talked about going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo every year since we've been married. How funny that this is the first year we actually made it there. These little people were delighted with everything we came across - animals, pony rides, carnival rides, an animal birthing center, and, of course, the rodeo itself. It was a fantastic day!

I had to include this strange picture in which we all look slightly awkward. I'm not saying we're the most photogenic family, but something is off here...
This picture, however, is absolutely perfect.

Thank you, Freebirds, for having a stand in the food tent.

Burrito ad, anyone?

We sat through a bit of a cutting horse show, which absolutely fascinated these people. 

Oh, how deeply I love these two people. Look - do you think Lucy's hair matches Nate's beard (which Milo has described as being "the color of apple juice").

Carousel. Good enough to ride twice.

Two super serious faces for two little people who were having a blast. Lucy got to ride a few of the rides and she was SERIOUS about having fun. 

Milo Bandito

The cutest little rodeo princess.

Milo and Nate rode a flying elephant ride while Lucy and I took pictures and she said pathetically, "I ride? I ride?" Nate was the most amazing Daddy and marched right up to the front of the line to see if they'd let her ride, but alas, she was too short.

Lucy was SO delighted with this cow - Mis Moo? I've never heard of her, but there were grown-ups scrambling left and right for a picture with her. She loved Lucy because Lucy blew her countless kisses.

My normally cautious son is a natural on a horse. I know this isn't Nate's picture face, but I had to show you the look of pure joy on Milo's face.

Lucy's face. I have no words.
 So there you go. The pictures tell far more than I could do justice with words. We had a fabulous, fun, miles and miles-walking, exhausting and exhilarating day. I sense a tradition in the making.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Heartwarming things

Be still my heart. These little people are almost too much. Do you remember this song? It was on The Elephant Show with Sharon, Lois, and Bram and I distinctly remember singing it all the time when I was little. It popped into my head a few weeks ago and I sang it to my little people while they were in the tub, and they haven't stopped singing it since. That's got to be the mark of a good song, right? It transcends generations and makes little people look even more adorable. That's my test. That also might be why I don't have any hit songs going on...

Anyway, speaking of the tub, we have rediscovered the joy of tub paints here lately.

Also, I caught these little people in one of the most adorable moments a few weeks ago. I had given them permission to watch one little episode of Paw Patrol on Milo's Leapster, and this is how I found them. Serious, focused, and with Milo's arm around Lucy (and the two of them looking so much alike). It's these little moments I have to remember when Milo is teasing Lucy until she screams...

Happy Tuesday! Hopefully you're having a wonderful week full of indoor sunshine (because there's not much in the way of that outside...).