Sunday, November 30, 2014

Breakfast in bed

Milo has had it stuck in his head for a long time now that he should be getting breakfast in bed. I think we read it in a book at one point, and he's asked for it on and off for months. I've never given in before because, let's be honest, mommies feel like servants a good deal of the time anyway.

Then Milo woke up yesterday feeling yucky. He told me he had a headache, and with Lucy up throwing up through the night before, I was concerned. When he told me the one thing that would make him feel better was breakfast in bed, I caved. Breakfast devoured, problem solved. He was chipper as can be for the rest of the day. But you tell me - could you have resisted this face?

Lucy and Lala

I would consider myself a fairly girly girl. I appreciate makeup, love fashion, and enjoy crafting and knitting and sewing and whatnot... But I also love playing soccer, running, and watching sports. I guess I'm a good mix, and when I try to think about what I played with as a kid, I'm drawing a blank. I remember cutting the hair off of Sarah's Barbies (surely I had some of my own?). I remember dragging around a stuffed dog named Brownie and using the non-working radio in his tummy to pretend like I was a spy. I remember digging for fossils in our yard and burying Tic-Tac containers filled with treasures to find later...

All that to say, I haven't done a great job of giving Lucy girly toys. Not that girls have to have girly things. But we have a super-girly little sprout here. Well, a super-girly little sprout who would jump a five-year old for her baby doll, so I'm not sure how that fares.

We did buy her a play kitchen for her birthday, but aside from that, she mostly plays with Milo's toys... Granted, we have a big bin of Little People, which I would consider gender neutral. And we have blocks. Good for us. I was fine with all of this until Lucy started carrying things around pretending to shoot people as if they were guns, and I gave in. We bought Lucy her first baby doll. She carries her around wrapped in a blanket, takes off her little diaper and tells me she has poops, and just cuddles her in general. They spent their first 20 minutes in the Target shopping cart staring deeply in to each other's eyes. In all, we should have done this long ago. Lucy and "Lala" are two peas in a pod.

For his participation in the Target trip, Nate got Milo a new Lego set. So a good time was had by all.

Friday, November 28, 2014

A Salvaged Thanksgiving

If there's something I will say about 2014, it's that everything has been hard. Nothing is ever what I expect, and if you know my personality, you know that I prefer things to go according to plan. My plan, actually... I'm working on changing this about myself...

Anyway, Nate got a horrible stomach bug Tuesday night. He was sick all night long and most of the day, and by the end of the day Wednesday he had said there was no way he could travel to Houston to Ann and Matt's for Thanksgiving. Milo, Lucy, and I would go without him, and while that felt awful, we didn't want to disappoint Ann and Matt because they were hosting for the first time this year. My brother and Diana already couldn't go because they work retail.

Cut to Thanksgiving morning. I had gotten up at 4 a.m. to start lentils and rice in the crockpot, went back to sleep for a bit, and started the day bright and early with a shower. Just as I was getting ready to put on makeup, Mom called. She was sick, too. And not only was she sick, but Sarah's little people Kaylee and Braylen were sick, too. I panicked a little. Talked to Sarah. Sarah talked to Ann... And just like that, family Thanksgiving was cancelled. I understand - who wants to cook a huge turkey for just a vegetarian and her two small children? I sat on the floor with Lucy, who had also gotten up bright and early, and cried my disappointed little eyes out. No family Thanksgiving. A husband sick in bed. A super cranky little Lucy. The day wasn't boding well.

When Milo got up, we spent some time talking about what we're thankful for and writing those things on the thankful turkey feathers. He cried when I told him we weren't going to Ann and Matt's house, but I just told him to let the disappointment out and be done with it. And then he was. And I realized that I was going to have to make Thanksgiving special for my little people. There couldn't be any sulking. If Milo could let go of his disappointment at the age of 3, I guess I could let go of mine.

Nate ended up waking up feeling a little better, and we decided to use the food I had prepared to take to Houston (lentils and rice, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin cheesecake, corn, and chocolate-dipped pretzels) and supplement it with some turkey from the store. I ran to Brookshire Brothers and found a rotisserie turkey breast. Bingo. We were in business.

And so we spent the day as a family. We ate a Thanksgiving dinner complete with turkey. We made a thankful turkey craft and went to a movie (Penguins of Madagascar - I wouldn't recommend it for any sensitive little people and am regretting that we let ours watch the whole thing). Thanksgiving was far different than what I had expected, but you know what? It wasn't bad. It was different, but not at all bad. Yes, I missed my family. I don't know if I've ever had a Thanksgiving without at least some of them. But we enjoyed ourselves anyway.

I'm thankful that my little people are happy and well, despite recent obstacles.
I'm thankful for my amazing husband who manages to give me perspective, even when he's sick.
I'm thankful for my two little rays of sunshine, Milo and Lucy.
I'm thankful for my home, and the fact that I get to stay home with these little people.
I'm thankful for tough times that make me see the joy and beauty in the simplicity of life.
Happy Thanksgiving, the day after.

This is our thankful turkey. Milo and I saw the idea on Pinterest and BOTH fell in love with it. I tried to call him Henry, but Milo was insistent that his name simply be Thankful Turkey.

He literally carried this around with him all day, and when he wasn't holding it, Lucy was.

Here's Lucy planning her strategy to get that turkey...

Thanksgiving selfie 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Completely spontaneous perfection

Even though these pictures seem a little on the posed side, this was actually happening. My little people were watching Jungle Book (in their undies, of course), and even though Lucy is usually all over the place, she kept coming back to snuggles with Milo. Completely spontaneous perfection.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Small world

We saw our mailman the other day, and as I waved to him I told him, "Milo, we don't really know him, but Mommy has made cupcakes for him before because Daddy works with his girlfriend. Isn't it a small world?"




"Mommy, it's actually a really big world."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Figs and pigs and horses, oh my!

We've been having camera difficulties around here. Anyone know anything about a Nikon DL 3200? I'm having trouble with the auto-focus. As in, it won't. And then it won't take a picture because nothing's in focus... I may have to suck it up and take the camera back in.

That said, let me just tell you a story or two instead of sharing pictures. I know you're distraught with longing to see my little people, but this will have to suffice.

Every now and then, I find myself NOT on top of things. It's a pretty strange feeling to me because I normally have things relatively under control. Well, today when I ran bathwater for Milo and Lucy, I realized we were out of babywash. Okay, no need for concern (although these sensitive-skinned little people might say otherwise). I decided to sub some of my shower gel for their normal wash and made a big bubbly bath. I reassured Milo with these words, "It's okay, buddy. You're going to smell so nice - like brown sugar and fig."

Milo wrinkled his little nose at me, cocked an eyebrow, and asked, "Mommy, do I want to smell like a pig?"

Once I finished laughing, I reassured him that a fig was nothing like a pig and he'd be just fine.

After bathtime, I put Lucy in a new pair of tights that we bought recently - first wearing on these little purple tights with pink horses (Or is it the other way around? You get the idea.). I told her to go into the bathroom and show Milo her "horse pants" as I referred to them. She stepped around the corner shyly and said, "Milo. Neigh." That's all. Then she looked down at the tights and pointed one little toe. Perfect.

Hope you're having a wonderful week!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's the little moments...

I know, I know. Yesterday was a little heavy. So I thought I'd make it up to you with a few funny stories about these tiny people.

The other day I was explaining to Milo that I had found a single-serving container of plain cream cheese, and I referred to it as "mini-sized." Milo thought for a moment and replied, "I think I'd rather have Mickey-size, Mommy."

Also, a few minutes after we laid our little people down the other night, we heard Milo screaming at the top of his lungs. Nate ran over to his door wondering what was wrong, and he realized that he was shouting, "I can't hear anything at all! I can't hear anything at all!" Nate burst into the room to check on him, and Milo was startled.

"Daddy, what is it?"

"Milo, I heard you shouting. What's going on in here?"

"I was shouting? I couldn't hear it. I had my fingers in my ears like this." (Insert one pointer finger in each ear.)

I don't lack for Lucy stories, either. My little sprout loves socks, and, in fact, digs through her dirty laundry basket to find them and carry them around with her. The other day she was furious with me because I wouldn't put dirty socks on her (she already had socks on, mind you), and she glared at me, shaking her head and saying, "ZzzzzzzzzzOCKS!" in her frustration. She was so angry her s's had turned to z's.

She's also learned the concept of "stuck." Never mind that she usually gets herself stuck on purpose, just to tell us and let us get her un-stuck. When she was finished with her lunch today she looked at me from her high chair and told me over and over, "Mommy, I stuck." Imagine her face when I explained to her that I wanted her to be stuck in the high chair - that it's kind of the point of it.

So we are still laughing around here. These little people make it impossible not to.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The worst moment

I'm working on doing a little processing today, so indulge me... You see, in life, there are things that you can't un-see, moments that you can't un-live. And along those lines, these moments seem to be the ones emblazoned the most strongly upon your memory.

Lucy woke up Monday morning a little cranky and with a low fever. She was coughing a croupy cough, but she was uncharacteristically cheery for not feeling well. We snuggled most of the morning and made plans for the rest of the day. 

She woke up from her afternoon nap with a higher fever, and Nate stayed home with her while I took Milo to gymnastics. We decided to have a chill evening, with a fire and a movie. Nothing major, just rest for all. As her fever climbed a bit more, I thought a cool bath might help her before bedtime, but I wasn't worried.

And then, in the midst of all this, my biggest fears came to life. Lucy had a seizure. She's never had a seizure. I've never seen someone have one. And because I am desperately trying to forget what it's like to hold your baby as she seizes, speaking soothing words for your three-year old as your husband speeds the family to the hospital, I'll spare you the details. But we spent the rest of the evening in the ER.

Lucy's seizure was a febrile seizure caused by a sudden spike in her fever. They leave no damage, and these are apparently quite common in children. We were sent home with a prescription for antibiotics (ear infection), Motrin and Tylenol to bring the fever down (caused by a viral upper respiratory infection - viral = just run its course), and a baby on a three-hour through the night medicine schedule (like having a newborn all over again). Milo spent the night at the Foys (so grateful that Amanda raced to the hospital to snatch him up and take him home). And Nate and I were left with an awful memory and a lot of questions. 

I'm grateful that Lucy is just fine. In fact, she's downright cranky and extra feisty today, coughing away and marching herself around after me. I'm also downright teary when I think of people with epileptic children who go through this all the time, but times a million (Lucy never stopped breathing, never turned colors and again, was completely undamaged). And I guess I just had to tell you that this happened, and I am trying not to be a mess about it. 

Sleep feels impossible (for a myriad of reasons aside from being emotionally traumatized). My little people are still a bit unsettled. We thought Milo was unaware of the whole thing, but he cried for probably an hour after we laid him down for bed last night. He's a sensitive little guy and I should have known that he sensed more than he let on. And Lucy was up until 1:30 a.m., crying if we laid her down and staggering around like a drunken sailor from sheer exhaustion. We are going to get back to normal, but first I have to stop trying to forget it happened and let my brain work through it. So thanks for listening (reading, whatever). Say a little prayer for all these Jacksons when you can.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Minnie hats

Have you ever tried to take a picture of two busy, determined little girls at the same time? It doesn't work so well...
Two babies, two Minnie hats, and some serious stankeye.

They were both a little concerned about this...
And my beautiful niece Mia Ann.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Mommy's Life

Have you seen anything that describes a mommy's life more accurately? (I found this at