Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Emmette Annabel 6 months

I know you just live for these days. Monthly updates on this nugget. Remember when my blog used to be about things other than my baby? I can't help it. This nugget is so adorable, so funny, so precious... That I have to write about her exactly once a month.

Milo and Lucy had been counting down the days to the 6-month marker, otherwise known in our home as "Cereal Day." Because, for some reason, I have this  notion that my babies should taste their first cereal on their 6-month birthday and not have sweets until their 1st birthday. There's no talking me out of these things. You know better.

So, Cereal Day arrived and Emmette did not disappoint. She was more than ready to try and did a great job!

She's also scooching herself all over and crawling a few "steps" at a time, sitting up on her own, pushing herself up to sitting on her own... I'm sure a million other things, but those are the main milestones. She's quick, this one! 

Lucy took this picture! And then I added the fun filter.

Happy happy happy girl. This is the face she most often makes.

Cereal is serious business.