Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Garden

I know, I know. You're just desperate to see what my tiny little garden looks like, right? Well, far be it from me to hold back from you. Here are a few shots of my little patch of produce. The two pots in the back contain strawberries (on the left) and cilantro (which seems to be a little bit tired and declines to stand up fully).
Meet my little friends: Back row, left to right - cucumber, solar fire tomato, solar fire tomato. Middle row, left to right - red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper. Front row, left to right - red pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper.

So neat and orderly, right? Does anybody know if my tomatoes and peppers need anything to hold them up as the plants get bigger? I'm researching things on the internet, but I always like to hear from someone who's already done it successfully. And I saw something about not watering the garden every day, but I thought that surely can't apply to Texas. Any clue? I need my little plant babies to thrive!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The anti-naturalist

I've never really considered myself a lover of nature. A bit of a hippie when it comes to my summer wardrobe, maybe, but a tree-hugger growing out her armpit hair in the middle of a field? Not necessarily my forte. I distinctly remember a college group camping trip that took place before Nate and I were even married. I swore up and down that I would not freak out, but we were there not 10 minutes and a giant bug swooped through the air and landed, where else? Right on me. Of course. Because nature, like domesticated dogs, always manages to find the one person who doesn't like it. The difference is that dogs just try to lick you and make you change your mind. Nature wants to suck your blood and make you cry. Needless to say, I sat the rest of the evening out in my car and (obviously) did not spend the night.

But let me tell you what mixes fabulously. Nature and running. A few years ago, one of my soccer teammates convinced me to trail run at one of the local parks. I'm not even sure exactly what made me do it, considering I walk into my own backyard with fear and trepidation, and this would involve running through the Texas woods... But from the second I stepped onto that trail, I was hooked. I've run with white-tailed deer, seen a wild hog (and hauled it in the other direction as Ann, who was smuggling a knife in her running shorts, said, "If he comes near me, he'll be bacon"), and heard tales of a panther on the loose. I've ignored countless rustlings on the ground (just in case they were snakes - I didn't want to be too nervous to go ever again) and cleared spider webs with my face. I've been dirty and sweaty and stinky. In short, all the things that I don't love, all lumped into one experience. And you know what? I've loved it every single time. Trail running is exhilarating and makes me feel more alive than just about anything else.

So today I celebrated Memorial Day with a gorgeous 6:30 a.m. trail run with Jen and Andrea, and the three of us made up some of the most unlikely people to ever enjoy running in the wild. Don't get me wrong, we had our moments. I tend to come to a complete halt occasionally, just to assess any major noises or large creatures in the brush, and we did completely turn around on the trail after an incident with a potentially stinging bug. But the point is that we did it.

Not only did I experience nature in that way, but Nate and I finally got my garden planted! In the end, we decided to do a raised-bed, and we're just growing tomatoes, cucumbers, and an assortment of peppers (starting easy). But it's in, and I'm ready for fresh produce. And I even got down on the ground with my little hoe and shovel and mixed up topsoil and compost (a.k.a. crap). It's true. Today I was elbow-deep in poo while Milo watched from his tiny little swing, and I did it all without cringing, focusing on being very mature about the whole thing. If only nature didn't involve anything creepy or crawly, I just might consider camping.

All in all, today has been a day full of things I wouldn't normally do. But you know what? I'm growing up, trying new things, and loving (most of) it. I guess a big city girl really can learn a lot in small-town Texas after all. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go put on my tallest heels and my fiercest outfit and pretend like I didn't say any of that at all.

Lil' Jacksons

We got a chance to get together the Jackson 5 this weekend - all the little Jackson cousins. Notice what's missing in this picture? GIRLS!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

One more thing

Also, please check out the facebook page for Nate's new business, Imaginary Spaces. He's an incredible painter, as most of you know from the pictures of Milo's room. Well, he's going to take it to the streets (hah) now and get a business going, designing children's (and big kids', too) rooms and specializing in murals. So please like us on Facebook! :)

Know Your Foundation

I've got a new project on my hands. My sisters and I started doing a Bible study together. Then it expanded to include the men - my hubs and bro-in-laws. Now we're starting a blog, and you're invited to join as well!

We started with a book we thought would be simple, but somehow we end up with the most interesting questions and discussion topics. The book is called Every Day with Jesus: The Character of God. I know, I know.. it sounds terribly cheesy, but it's actually pretty cool.

Anyway, feel free to check in, post comments, questions, whatever, and learn along with us.


A good night's rest

Nate and I recently got our hands on a memory foam mattress topper, and the last few nights have been full of perfect rest. I was trying to explain to Nate how fabulous it felt to sleep on, and I emailed him that it felt like being snuggled by a cloud. Well, what I accidentally wrote was that it was like being smuggled by a cloud... Not exactly sure what that could mean, but it's somewhat disturbing. Not nearly as disturbing as what Ann thought I said, though: being snuggled by a clown. No thank you! Anyway, what we finally decided on is that it's like being cuddled by bunnies. I can live with that.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Best of both worlds

This morning, I ran four miles.
And then I promptly ate cake for breakfast. Not just any cake, mind you, since I normally don't like cake at all. It was a delicious cream cheese coffee cake with brown sugar crumbles on top. Yum!

But the running is definitely exciting. I've been several times this week, and I feel like I'm finally getting back in the game, and maybe I can run a marathon before the end of the year. Well, not maybe. I will definitely do it.

Nate and Chad offered to make Tree and I a marathon. But their brilliant idea was that we'd just run to Nacogdoches, along Highway 59. Seems like a bad idea to me... so I gave them a list of demands - a tee shirt, water stops every 2 miles, and plenty of people cheering for me. Nate said he had a drawer full of tee shirts, and Chad said that we have plenty of nephews. They can stand every 2 miles with a cup of water and yell, "Wooooooooo-hooooooo!" when they hand it to me. Hmmmm...

Anyway, I know that cake is definitely not on the meal plan for a runner in training, but then I remembered, I'm also a mommy, and my little breastfeeding boy wants some cake, dang it. Ahhh, the beauty of getting the best of both worlds. My little stud muffin is more important than a few extra pounds to drag around on my morning run!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo update Tuesday

My big boy can sit up by himself!!! This was the first time I've ever let him try, and he's turned out to be quite the prodigy.

Wow, I have so many cute photos to update you on! We attended a pink/blue party on Saturday, as a family of blue (although we were wrong - pink won!), and we had to have Ann get a few shots of us.

I know Milo isn't looking in this one, but my legs look so cute and thin, so I had to keep it...
And he's looking in this one. He's adorable, isn't he? Look at those Sperry shoes (again).
Look at this adorable face! Have you ever seen such a ham?
Okay, I know I already posted a picture of Milo in his A&M hat, but these two were so much better with my good camera.

So there's the photo update. Enjoy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Monday

Since it's Monday, and I'm thoroughly exhausted, my mind has put together a random conglomeration of things...

Ann called her caterer and realized that they were selling pink champagne cupcakes at Sweets and Eats today, and we got so excited that my brain literally started singing "Bring Them Home" from Les Miserables. No, not about wounded soldiers or anything, but about cupcakes. As in, bring them home so I can get them into my tummy.

I'm also thinking about several showers and parties that I need to work on planning coming up here, and getting slightly overwhelmed. I should not think about it until it is no longer Monday, right?

And take a look at this cutie. Ignore the fact that his hat is an A&M hat, and just pay attention to the fact that my 4 1/2 month old loves hats. He'll wear them as long as we want him to, and he'll look just plain adorable every time.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Date Night

Nate and I went out for our first date since Milo was born. We had an amazing time, although I definitely missed Milo while we were gone, and the date was a little on the short side. What's a couple to do in little old Lufkin after we're finished eating, don't want to see a movie, and aren't in the market to buy a car?

Well, what we did was eat at Olive Garden, and then hit Home Depot for an exciting evening of shopping... for a lawnmower and the supplies for a raised garden. Got a little paint for Nate to finish decorating the bathroom. Headed to Starbucks for a chai tea latte and then to Target for absolutely no reason at all. And then we cut the evening a little short because Milo didn't want to take a bottle from Ann, and we needed to feed him, and it was absolutely fine with us to head home early.

So that was our exciting night out. I'm sure there will be many more to follow in the coming years, but tonight was just the baby step I needed. Thanks, Ann, for keeping our little man safe and sound while we were out!

Now I'm off to watch hours of meaningless television - the full second season of Drop Dead Diva, a fabulous lifetime series that Ann and I are completely addicted to. I fully recommend my guilty little pleasure to anyone who enjoys a good "dramedy." Happy watching!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Six years ago today, I woke up nervous and excited in New York City. It was my wedding day, and I was ready to marry my best friend, and the person who talked me into marriage when I had spent my whole life claiming I would never wed.

Feeling a little nervous...

I thought today about what my life would have been like if I'd never met you, Nate, and everything seemed all wrong.

I'd have never been introduced to the color brown (which looks surprisingly lovely on someone with dark hair and dark eyes, contrary to what I might have thought - a big pile of dukey). Hmmmm, I may not have been introduced to colors at all. Isn't it funny that the color blind man is the one who talked me out of my uniform of black?

I'd have never stayed in Texas, and Texas seems to like me. Although Texas and my hair seem to have a love/hate relationship. And I'm hoping that sometime this year I'll be able to say, "I'd have never seen the Alamo..." San Antonio, anyone?

I'd have never learned to cook meat. I think it's a valuable skill to have.

I'd have never understood how to love me very much, and therefore, it wouldn't have been a big deal for me to love others more than myself. I feel like everyone else is getting a really good deal here now that I do.

I'd have never been tickled as much or more than I was by my dad, and therefore, I wouldn't have had such amazing memories of him that I almost cry every time.

I'd have never found anyone else who makes me laugh so hard I could literally pee every single day. Being with you keeps me looking young and fresh, and I never get tired of making you perform all your funny impressions and stories for anyone I can think of.

I'd have never learned how strong I was, or the fact that I can do some serious spiritual battle.

I'd have never had my heart broken so badly that only God could fix it. Which means I'd have never been able to know God as the Father who can fix anything. Which means I'd have never been able to stand here and say that I and my family are a miracle. Which means I'd have never been able to be an encouragement to someone else, just by looking at me. WOW.

I'd have never had a Milo, and he is the most incredible treasure. My two men are the two loves of my life, which makes my heart pretty darn full.

And most importantly, I'd have never found someone whose name rhymed so well with mine, therefore making us the most sickeningly adorable couple ever. Nate and Kate. Isn't that great? Good thing they went on a date. They're rarely irate. Just can't wait... for a lifetime more of amazing memories.

I could go on and on and on, because my puzzle would never make sense without its most important piece. I love you and am so thankful that we've had six amazing years. Here's to a million more.

Happy Anniversary!
So young. Was that only six years ago?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Face-off (no, not the tacky movie with John Travolta)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's now time for the face-off.
Will the team favorite go to Aunt Tree or Aunt Janet?
Will the babyson choose maroon or orange?
Will it be A&M or UT?
You decide...

Sweet-faced in maroon and white

Mischievous grin for orange
(On a side note... One of my favorite things about this babyson is that he always seems to have his arms spread out to the side, like he's flying.)

Keep in mind, Milo doesn't discriminate. He'll wear any team shirt he gets. I'm sure you remember the picture of him a while ago in his Cowboys shirt? Or his Bears colors? It's so strange how sporty we've become. Guess it's one of the perks of having a boy!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

News Shmews

My home page on my computer has always been cnn.com. I love the news, and for a long time, still dreamed about reporting overseas for cnn one day. But I'll tell you, I opened the internet today and literally felt sick to my stomach. Does anyone else get tired of everyone screwing up all the time?

I've pondered how I can keep Milo safe in the house with Nate and I for the rest of his life, but I'm coming up with some serious problems regarding that. But all I want is to keep my sweet baby safe from all the yuck in the world. So now I'm going to have to consider what I can do to change it instead...

Here were a few of the headlines:

IMF chief jailed on Rikers Island, charged with attempted rape

Schwarzenegger acknowledges having child with staffer

ICC to investigate institutionalized gang-rape of women in Libya

Gotta Watch: When lust and politics collide



Monday, May 16, 2011


I don't have a lot to say today, mostly because, I'm just plain tired. I have something weighing on my mind, a problem that I can't seem to figure out. And I woke up discouraged and a little weepy. and then made the mistake of reading Milo I'll Love You Forever, the single most heart-wrenching children's book of all times. Needless to say, he's now napping, and I should be heading that way as well.

But in the spirit of cheering myself up, I thought I'd post a couple pictures of my newest project. I made these awesome fabric flowers, and I'm working on a ton of stuff for Ann's wedding. So here's my latest crafting escapade. Enjoy.

Close-up of the three flowers I hand-stitched together using scraps of fabric.

Stitched onto the shirt. It made the cutest cardigan, and now I have requests for other shirts and headbands. After I finish the wedding stuff, I may have a little business on my hands.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A few confessions

I have a few confessions to make...

  • The other night, I made Nate swaddle me in a giant blanket, just so I could see what it feels like for babies... and it's AWESOME! Given the opportunity, I think I'd sleep all swaddled up every single night.

  • I really want to be grateful for things, like having a nice, newly paved road. But really, I'm just sitting in my house feeling cranky because the incessant racket is making it hard for Milo to sleep and driving Bruiser insane. The poor dog hasn't stopped barking for several days now.

  • Sometimes I sneak into Milo's room while he's sleeping, just to kiss his little baby cheeks and listen to him breathe.

  • I get really irritated when people don't do what I want them to. However, I also don't want to ask them to do anything for fear it will annoy them. If you're thinking, "That doesn't make any sense," you're right.

  • I feel incredibly guilty when Milo cries, especially if he cries for someone else. For example, last night, when he cried most of the night while Mom babysat for him. I still feel bad about it today. Mom, I'm so sorry (still). I'm trying to make up for it by posting this adorable picture of the two of you.

Milo and Nana, two peas in a pod.

  • And finally, I really, genuinely believe that my baby is cuter than anyone else's. Hmmmm, not just believe. I know it.

There you go. Just a little peek inside my head. Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fun with random quotes

Oh, how much fun I've had with random quotes today. As a former English teacher and aficionado of the language itself, this made me giggle, so I had to post it. Enjoy!

"In a logically perfect language, there will be one word and no more for every simple object, and everything that is not simple will be expressed by a combination of words, by a combination derived, of course, from the words for the simple things that enter in, one word for each simple component."
-Bertrand Russell


I had the strangest dream last night. One of the principals from Lufkin High School called me to let me know I needed to go before the school board. Apparently they had decided to review my resignation, and I now had to prove myself. He told me that I had to write a letter stating my case and read it for them that week at their meeting, and if they didn't approve my resignation, I would have to make up the time I'd been off during the summer months.

I woke up feeling so icky and indignant. Who on earth would question the validity of my choice to stay home with Milo? And then I realized, it was me... I adore staying home with him, but every now and then I get a huge case of the guilts. I start missing my school friends and wishing they hadn't been so upset. I think about the kids I don't get to see anymore, and worrying whether anyone else is taking good care of them. I sniffle over a mentor who really gave me opportunities to excel, and who is now very sick. Being a grown-up is all about realizing that every decision you make, whether good or bad, has consequences (both positive and negative).

All that said, though, every time I look at my precious babyson, I realize that, given the opportunity to re-make my decision a hundred times over, I'd make the same choice every time.

"Cruelty is a mystery, and the waste of pain." - Annie Dillard

Monday, May 9, 2011

A few extra pictures (I can't help myself!)

Milo loves his new jump-a-roo... as long as we don't turn on the toy with the lights and music. That makes him really concerned.

My little guy also loves to give me kisses. Here he is in action. What you can't see is that he's also grabbing me by the hair with his right hand, just in case I wanted to get away (why would I even try to escape those kisses?).

Who does he look like here? I can't quite put my finger on it.

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day (a day late)!!!
I would have loved to update you yesterday, but I was busy enjoying a fabulous weekend in Houston. Yes, I have the world's most incredible husband, and the world's most perfect babyson. My first Mother's Day as a mommy was incredible, as I knew it would be. After all, who wouldn't want to spend the day with this cutie?

New Mother's Day hat. I literally giggled in the store when I put it on him, so I had to buy it immediately.
 My day began and ended as all Mother's Days should - with bodily fluids. As soon as I fed my little trooper, he managed to projectile spit up over my shoulder and onto the bottom of my dress. No worries, it was dark blue on the bottom, so it all blended in. He didn't get a drop on himself, which was the way I wanted it, because he had to work that cute little outfit! And he did, in fact. An entire afternoon spent at the Children's Museum, and the outfit was intact. We even made it all the way through Anthropologie, and he was charming people left and right with that hat.

We ate dinner at the place I've been craving for literally 6 months - P.F. Chang's! And it didn't disappoint. Great company, great food, fantastic evening.

By the end of the day, after feeding Milo in the backseat of the car, I decided to do the infamous lap diaper change, since he's still pretty small. Well, somewhere in the midst of all of that, there was poop everywhere. The diaper had leaked and soaked through Milo's little shorts... onto his onesie... all over my legs, my dress, countless wipes... And through it all, I couldn't stop laughing. Now you know I'm a mommy. Oh, that and I changed his diaper in Anthropologie and walked around the store with a poopy diaper in my purse (but thank goodness for deodorized disposal bags). All in all, my day was fabulous, and I can't wait for tons more Mother's Days in the future!

Our happy family

Mommy and Milo at the beginning of the big day. You may not be able to tell, but he's wearing the baby Sperry's that Morgan gave him. They're still too big for his little feet, but I cinched them up tight enough to last for the pictures at least.

My two handsome men at the Children's Museum. Am I blessed or what?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Field Trip

Milo and I took the best field trip this morning to Jen's deaf ed classroom. The kids were so adorable and made me want to be able to sign so badly! Milo and I are already working on his name (Rita, one of the aides, gave both of us sign names - awesome!), and saying mommy and daddy. We're using a pamphlet of the 100 signs every parent should know to begin with, and I'm going to make Jen tutor me all summer, too. We'll both be fluent before long... And after that, we'll work on Spanish, so Milo should be tri-lingual by the time he's 2 or so. Ahhhh, the beauty of high aspirations, right?

Anyway, that's mostly what I have to say today. So, as I always do when I run out of words, I'll post a few pictures of the cutest child alive.

Jen and I had to take this picture for a couple of reasons. Number one, the onesie was a little too small, so when I snapped it, it looked like a deep v-neck... And number two, it's ironic that it says "got milk" and he's covered in it.

As always, looking like a little man. I love the puppy feet on this outfit.

It's impossible not to smile back at him!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Knocking on 30's door

I feel, as a responsible blogger, that I have an obligation to clear up some confusion, in case you thought yesterday was my birthday based on my post. Believe me, friends, you will be hearing much about my birthday in the coming weeks. The thought for yesterday's post came from a conversation with Jen during a run, where we said that mothers should be celebrated every day, not just on Mother's Day, for pushing something that big out of a hole that small. So no, it wasn't my birthday. I, in fact, turn 30 on June 17, and I'm starting to feel a little apprehensive already.

You see, I had a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30. Somewhere in the purchase of several new computers along the way, I misplaced my list, but several of my unaccomplished goals are still occupying quite a bit of space in the back of my mind. Because, as of yet, I have not run a marathon (only a few half-marathons), become the first woman president of the United States (Sarah Palin, I'm coming for you... although the age requirement is 35... but who wouldn't make an exception for someone as fabulous as I?), written and published a bestselling book, become the editor of my own magazine, or secured a recording contract. See how I might be feeling a little less than prepared for this milestone?

Someone told me that 30 is the new 20, and I'm just going to go with that and say I have another decade to complete my tasks. And aside from that, I've also surprised myself by finding and marrying the most wonderful man alive, earning two degrees and multiple certifications, starting and leaving one career (teaching) and beginning a whole new one (mommyhood!), taking up soccer in an almost entirely Hispanic women's league, transforming into a spiritual amazon warrior princess, creating the most perfect child ever born, and becoming a person that I actually like (now that's huge). Wow. I just impressed myself! Maybe 30 isn't all that bad?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A short thought

I have just a short thought today. Until I became a mommy myself, I thought that my birthday was the most important day to everyone in the near vicinity, and I dreamed of all the gifts I would receive to celebrate me.

Now, after giving birth myself, I know the truth. I should have been giving my mom gifts on my birthday all along.

Thanks, Mom. Words aren't quite enough, but thanks.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Photo update

Another shot of the big boy in his bumbo...

...and just hanging out with Nonnie (with my mystery hand giving him the toy).

He started to feel pretty proud of himself after we oooohed and aaaahed over him for a while.

When Milo was first born, he had tons of hair, but lost quite a bit. It's grown back enough for a fauxhawk!

This child is beyond precious. We've been playing a little game lately. Milo will be awake in his room, and I can hear him rustling around, but he won't cry. So I'll come in and say, "Milo..." like I'm trying to wake him up. I'll see him through the slats of his crib, looking out of the corner of his eye and grinning, probably thinking, "Oh, she's going to be so surprised that I'm awake!" Of course I always make a big fuss when I get there and he's awake, and he gives me the most amazing open-mouthed smile in return. Today he even squealed out loud because he was so excited! He literally gets cuter, sweeter, and smarter every day.

That's awesome???

I was working in customer service at Amcore Bank in Rockford on September 11, 2001, the day a terrorist attack destroyed the World Trade Center in New York. I remember arriving at work with no clue what was going on, and then watching in sick horror as every person in our call center hovered around one computer together, watching the second tower fall. The phones were silent. No one cared about their finances at that second. The nation had paused to hold its breath and decide how to proceed.  Later in the morning, we had a scattering of calls here and there, but I never felt like I was helping anyone with an account. It was more like a counseling line, as people with no one else to talk to called to hear a friendly voice and a false pretense of normalcy.

Three years later, I visited Ground Zero while I interned in NYC, and I was so humbled and moved by the experience. I heard the stories of college students at Pace University, just a few blocks from the site. I witnessed the scorch marks on surrounding buildings and the church across the street that was untouched by the damage. My life was changed just by standing on the site where so many people lost theirs. 

I remembered all of this as a presidential announcement interrupted Celebrity Apprentice last night, telling Nate and I that U.S. special forces had taken out Osama bin Laden. We literally sat there in shock, and then looked at each other and said, "That's awesome???" I wasn't quite sure how to react. Can you really be excited that someone is dead? Is it okay to give a little cheer when that person was a mass murderer, responsible for the destruction of countless lives and a little piece of the American dream? And is it silly to say that I almost doubt it was truly him, given the level of cunning and evil that surrounds him? For now, I'm just going to tell myself that there's one fewer terrorist in the world to threaten my precious little man. And that's okay with me.

I'm interested to hear what you think...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Lessons Learned the Hard Way:

1. It is literally physically impossible to sneak into your sleeping baby's room in flip-flops. You can't do it, so don't even try. Instead, if you feel the need to check on him while he dreams, learn to crawl commando-style across the floor. Otherwise, just back the heck up, protective mommy, and leave that baby alone.

2. Closely related to #1, don't even try to run on the treadmill right outside said baby's room while he naps. He will immediately awaken. Especially if you also turn the volume on the television up to level 60 so you can hear over the sound of your pounding feet...

3. It's so hard to say good-bye to yesterday. Especially when yesterday is a very glossy layer of deep ocean blue paint all throughout your bathroom. I spent quite a bit of time trying to cover up the damage Nate and I did when we moved in three years ago and got to the master bathroom last, not caring whether the paint covered all the way or was halfway across the ceiling. My new light shade of grey goose needed several coats to cover. Note to self: always choose flat finish from now on.

4. If you go to a store on the way to an event with the intent to buy a particular piece of clothing, that clothing will no longer be in stock. Either that, or it will be left only in either an extremely small or ridiculously large size, just to taunt you, and you will, in frustration, be forced to buy something else to make up for it.

5. Don't tell your husband that you don't mind not being with your mom and sisters on Mother's Day while he plans a trip to Houston, and then go back on it later. Either tell the truth the first time, or learn to carry on "the act" all the way through the show. You'll only spoil his trip and spend days feeling guilty yourself (sorry, Nate).

6. When disassembling a diaper cake with glittery decorations, take the time to shake out each diaper so that you don't end up with a little pair of sparkly disco balls every time you change your poor babyson. It's a good thing Milo is secure in his manhood at an early age, right?

And finally, 7. When taking "adorable naked photos" of your son on his tummy, for goodness sake, take the shot from the front, not the back... Otherwise you may wind up sending your husband "the cutest little picture ever" and later realize his little balls are showing (only after he's shown several co-workers, though...)

Hope today's the start of a wonderful week for you!