Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A. Gag; B. Laugh; C. All of the above (choose one)

Sometimes you just have to laugh about things you normally wouldn't.
Take, for instance, today, when I stepped out of the living room during Milo's after-bath naked time for a few minutes to pull some clothes out of the dryer. When I came back, what should I find? A rabbit pellet trail around the room from where I left Milo to where he was currently. We were gone all weekend, and the poor baby has been making up for his lack of poo... No sooner had I cleaned it up and left the room to flush it all back down the toilet, then he made another by the back door.

At that point, I just had to laugh. Four poos in one day is funny enough, and the fact that two of them were on the living room floor was just plain ridiculous. I scooped him up and got him all wiped up (he's remarkably clean when pooing on the floor), diapered him before he could do any more damage, and turned (still laughing) to clean up the poo.

Only, the poo was gone. All that was left was my little dog Bruiser, looking very ashamed of himself.

It was either gag or laugh at that point, people. Any guesses as to what I did?


Where have I been? Just a little mini-trip to Ft. Worth. More on that later!

Friday, January 27, 2012


The look of wonder in a little boy's eyes leaves me breathless.

Letters to God

Dear Lord,
Today while I was using the boogie-sucker on Milo's nose, he grabbed it, and before I could stop him, he put it into his mouth suckie-side in. Please, please have mercy on me and don't let him like the taste of boogies. You and I both know that I can't handle it when kids pick their noses and eat what they find. I'm gagging now just thinking of it.
Milo and I love you,

Sometimes a boy's just got to be a boy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Busy Times

Nate and I have been trying our hand at a little photography and editing with Milo. He's a pretty photogenic subject, so he makes us look really good...

We've been busy this last week or so! We choreograph for the Hudson Show Choir every year, so we spent the weekend finishing up our dance, and last night and tonight teaching it. As always, it's fun and hilarious, and the kids make us smile.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend photo

I can't help it. I LOVE this picture that Nate took over the weekend.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shabbat face

So for the last year or so, we've celebrated the Biblical Sabbath, from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. We rest, spend time as a family, and take communion at Sabbath dinner on Friday night. What does this mean for Milo? More play time with Mommy and Daddy, a fun Saturday adventure, and grape juice at communion.

I like to call this his Shabbat face. Note the carefully placed grape juice moustache and expression of total delight.

Here's just a bit of sass. I like to think he gets it from his Daddy, but Nate might say otherwise...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Over-the-hump Day

I've thought it was Thursday for a majority of the week... Imagine my surprise on Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday... So today is Thursday, right? Ahhh, Thursday. Over the hump, not quite to the weekend. The perfect day for braids and one of my favorite color combos. I loved purple and gold together long before I moved to Lufkin and experienced the Panther high school football phenomenon. I promise, I'm not displaying any school spirit today. Just loving some violet and mustard.

And, of course, every day is a good day for this little nugget. Can you believe how lucky I am?

Look at this diva face. Little Lily adds so much fun to my days. How could she not with a face like that?

Mommy hair. A little frizzy, a lot disheveled, not a care in the world. Besides, who needs fabulously styled hair with a baby that good-looking on your lap? (I'm trying to convince myself...)

So that's what I'm up to. Squenching babies and laughing most of the day. How about you?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fire truck

Here's what you get today: A little man on a little truck. He's finally figured out how to get on the truck on his own, and he's managing to scooch it around, too. Only problem? He can only make it go backward. As always, very entertaining.

Monday, January 16, 2012

No Title Necessary

Oh Milo. The things he learns (and the way he interprets them). He keeps us constantly laughing. And boy, did we try to teach him to say, "More" in sign language. You'll see how he pulls it off. He sat on my lap while I was editing this video, and when Nate asked him (on the video) to say more, he did it on the video and on my lap. So it was like I was watching two little Milos, both signing to me. Too cute.

I Made It!

I've been in a bit of a knitting frenzy, mostly because it keeps me busy and makes me think less about missing the Danty-pants. So I found this gorgeous knitting pattern for a honeycomb cowl on Pinterest, and decided to give it a try. It was my first time ever using the round knitting needles, and it threw me off at first. The cowl I made had a few twists in it, which looked great, but it was totally accidental.
This one, modeled by Ann, is going straight to Jen where it will be of good use (Colorado).
After I knit the green cowl, I decided I'd use some sequined yarn I found at Hobby Lobby and make something for myself. You and I both know I can't manage to keep anything I make, though. Ann loved the sequined cowl, so I sent it right on back to school with her! Not before I got a few photos, though, and cast on a new one that I may end up keeping...

Cowls... also good for hiding.

All in all, I've been pretty proud of myself. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd better get back to my knitting... and my Milo... and my Lily... Happy MLK Day!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Joy of Parenting (a.k.a. A bear suit is better than a bare suit)

I'm almost positive that part of the joy of parenting is doing things that will entertain you now and embarrass your kids in the future. We try to make sure Milo will have as many of these moments as possible. Don't want him to miss out, after all...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No, Sir!

When Milo gets in trouble, Nate snaps his finger, points at him, and says, "No, sir!" Here was Milo's response.

Oh, this tiny little man. He makes my day every day.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just yesterday

He grows up heartbreakingly quickly.

Just yesterday he was barely rolling over.
Now he's half running, half walking across the living room.

Just yesterday I was bathing him in an inflatable rubber duckie tub.
Now he's a little fish in the big boy bathtub.

Just yesterday I lotioned his little bald head so the hair would grow.
Now he carries around the comb and helps with his hair (and mine, if I'll let him).

Just yesterday I read him books before he could even focus his eyes.
Now he sits down to look at the books on his own, reading out loud ("Na na, da, buh, night night") and pointing carefully at each illustration.

Just yesterday the dogs hovered right by his bassinet, wondering what they were in for.
Now he chases Bruiser and pats Bella (gently), keeping all three of them well entertained.

Just yesterday I couldn't imagine what his little voice might sound like.
Now I wake up excited to hear, "Mama" every morning.

Just yesterday I had no idea that I could love a tiny little man so much.
Now I know what it's like to fill more with love every second of every day.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Walking and crying

Here's a fun one. Milo had been taking a couple steps here and there until his first birthday. At his party, he just took off and decided to walk. Interestingly enough, I started to walk on my first birthday, too (at the dentist's office, of all places). Now, as you look at Milo, as you have before, please consider that we're at home, and he'd just woken up from a nap. This, my friends, is why he's not wearing pants. And one might think, "Hey, I'm going to take some video of my son, maybe I should put some pants on him?" But you just can't pause these moments for wardrobe changes.


Sweetest baby ever.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Saturday has always been Nate's sleep-in day. Milo and I try to clear out of the house on an adventure each weekend so as not to wake him, and yesterday was a gorgeous day. I had big plans to head to the park and picked up my phone to text Jen and see if she and Michael and the kids wanted to go with us...

And then I remembered that they're in Colorado now. They are enjoying a fresh start. Their house just across the railroad tracks from us is empty. There's no popping over or running a quick errand together. There's only one of my least favorite words.

No, it's not the "m" word (m-o-i-s-t - EW, defiled my blog), despite how much I hate it. It's good-bye. No matter how much I avoid the word, it's still suspended in the air all around me, pricking me with sadness every time I remember. Good-bye. It reeks of heartwrenching loneliness, providing a sense of closure and unfinished business at the same time.

I hate the words we use to try to avoid good-bye. "See you later." "Talk to you soon." "Can't wait to see you again!" "Tata... Adios... Ciao..." It all means the same thing. Someone you looked forward to seeing often won't be there anymore. I'm tired of good-byes as I've said way too many in the last few years.

Enough self-indulgent whining for one day. I'm going to say hello to a new week and a new attitude in a minute. Just as soon as I say hello to some oreos as well...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Twice the fun

Still having fun times here (although I'm finding myself exhausted at the end of the day!). How do people do this - having more than one child? I fed Lily a bottle with one hand this morning while feeding Milo eggs in his high chair with the other. I felt like Wonder Woman when it was all over. Mommies of multiple kids, I salute you!

Check out these two little nuggets. I laid Lily down on the round mat, which was Milo's favorite when he was a few months old, too. Guess Milo remembered how much he enjoyed it, because he just had to join her.

I love that it looks like Milo is showing her the toy...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Lil' Tummy Time

We have a little addition at our home for the next few months. Sweet little Lily is going to hang out with us during the day while her mom teaches the rest of the school year. I was worried that it would be a hard adjustment for Milo, but he couldn't be more tickled. He literally giggles out loud when he sees her every day. 
I set Lily up on this boppy while I went to go fix her bottle, and in the midst of it, she started crying. I popped my head around the corner to make sure she was okay, and there was Milo, sitting right next to her, holding her hand. (sigh) So perfect! I had to get a shot of the two of them, so there he is above showing her the little singing lion. Tummy time was never so enjoyable (and boy do I wish there'd been a toddler around when Milo was a few months old...). 

Monday, January 2, 2012

First taste of cake

As promised, here's a bit more of the action from Milo's first birthday party. Nate and I hadn't fed him sugar at all for the entire first year of his life, mostly because I tend to be pretty health-conscious, and partly because it makes for a much more exciting cake time on the big day. Needless to say, Milo only needed to think about that first taste for a moment before he helped himself to a great big mouthful. But he looked so serious! Maybe he was just pensively savoring the taste of homemade frosting, wondering if he'd ever get it again?

Mikey and Chad gave me such a hard time because I told Milo to "Get some!" Of course I meant cake, but they had quite a hearty laugh at my expense. Ahhhh, the joys of being on camera. I always manage to pick apart my loud laugh and my crazy hair when we watch the play-back. I need to start grabbing the camera and letting Nate get some time on film, although, I don't ever remember seeing my dad in any of our family videos. He was ever the cameraman, and I always loved hearing his voice while he was filming. I'm glad we still have those videos. It's funny how certain things can go fuzzy in your memory, but others always stay. I can remember the sound of my dad's voice in a heartbeat, and it's one of those precious things I hang on to when I'm missing him.

Anyway, look at me waxing all sentimental. I thought I might start crying less when I finally gave birth... Or when Milo was a few months old... Or when he got to be close to a year. The bad news is that I cry even more as time goes on. BUT, I haven't cried a bit over this cake video. In fact, I've laughed quite heartily. Hope you enjoy it just as much.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New beginnings

It's interesting how much things change the older you get. Maybe this hasn't happened to you... But I rang in the new year playing Dr. Mario in a Lufkin Panthers tee-shirt. Quite the change from the parties I've attended and the outfits I've worn over the years, but I felt right at home. Is it 30? Has it made me more self-assured? Or is it that my values have completely changed, and family is at the top of the list where it used to be a little lower?

I'll be honest, though. I'm sure you've noticed nothing but pictures again recently. It's because I've found myself with very little to say because I'm perpetually glum. My sister, who is also one of my best friends, and her family are moving to Colorado on Tuesday, and I haven't been able to talk about it without crying for a month. I mean, moving to Lufkin to live with them literally saved my life, and I can't imagine Milo growing up without them right up the road from us. Anyone interested in making vast sums of money keeping the Dants in Lufkin? I feel a little lost these days, and spending New Year's Day in tears doesn't really make for a promising start to a year.

Here's what's holding me together, though:
I came home from brunch today to find my two men watching Jungle Book, each in his own chair.

This chair was one of Milo's birthday gifts.

Milo and his Auntie Ann, enjoying the pop-up tent he got for his birthday (Thanks, Grandma Marilyn!).

He loves crawling through this little tunnel.
So 2012. Not sure what to think yet, because it's shaping up to be bittersweet already. We're only a day in, though. For now I'm going to kick back, watch a movie, and drink this caramel chai latte Nate just brought me (best husband on the planet). Hope your new year is looking cheery.