Sunday, February 4, 2018

Eleven months old

So, I'm just going to say it.


Emmy is eleven months old today. TIME, please slow down. Because next month my babiest baby will be one year old and I am unable to even speak of it.

Emmy has two top and two bottom teeth now. She is walking four and five steps at a time. She is my most curious baby - she is in to EVERYTHING, but in such a good-natured way that it's just plain precious. When Emmy was born I decided to just enjoy every single moment of my kids' lives instead of wishing we were past certain stages, or through different seasons. And this last year has been so precious and so wonderful and I have just fallen in love with all of my children even more than I ever thought possible. This little nugget has been such a beautiful gift and I am obviously super sentimental and overly hormonal. Just avoid me like the plague on her first birthday. Seriously. Here, just look at some pictures.

Sweet pea. She's so happy she finally popped through her top center teeth.

This picture is blurry because she was in the process of standing up and walking 5 steps toward the camera.

Thoughtful face. Deep, gorgeous eyes. And that mouth. People, how is this much perfection possible?

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