Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun with Pinterest

Overheard in the Jackson home.

Kate, from computer table: "Nate, do you want me to start texting you things like, 'REMINDER: I BELIEVE IN U? Not spelled y-o-u, but U?"


Nate, from living room: "Kate, are you on Pinterest again?'

Kate: "Yeah, and I'm reading a list of 50 Ways to Inspire Your Husband."

Nate: "Why are you doing that?"

Kate: "Well, I just wanted to make sure I'm doing a good job. Oh, hey, should we start a dream binder together? And fill it with travel brochures of places we want to go? And then make sure we have a file at the end marked 'Dreams Fulfilled'?"

Nate: "Huh? Why would we fill our dream finder with coupons? What are the coupons for?"

Kate: "No, travel brochures!"

Nate: "In our dream finder?"

Kate: "No, our dream binder."

Nate: "Kate, you need to get away from Pinterest right now."

Kate: "Wait, I'm looking at the list of ways a husband can encourage his wife now. And it says you're supposed to gently encourage me in my hobbies. In fact, both lists say that."

Nate: "Well what are my hobbies?"

Kate: "Painting. Biking."

Again. Silence.

Nate: "Well, would you like to knit?"

Kate: "Together?"

Nate: "No, by yourself. I'm gently encouraging you."

On that note, good-night.