Thursday, May 5, 2011

Field Trip

Milo and I took the best field trip this morning to Jen's deaf ed classroom. The kids were so adorable and made me want to be able to sign so badly! Milo and I are already working on his name (Rita, one of the aides, gave both of us sign names - awesome!), and saying mommy and daddy. We're using a pamphlet of the 100 signs every parent should know to begin with, and I'm going to make Jen tutor me all summer, too. We'll both be fluent before long... And after that, we'll work on Spanish, so Milo should be tri-lingual by the time he's 2 or so. Ahhhh, the beauty of high aspirations, right?

Anyway, that's mostly what I have to say today. So, as I always do when I run out of words, I'll post a few pictures of the cutest child alive.

Jen and I had to take this picture for a couple of reasons. Number one, the onesie was a little too small, so when I snapped it, it looked like a deep v-neck... And number two, it's ironic that it says "got milk" and he's covered in it.

As always, looking like a little man. I love the puppy feet on this outfit.

It's impossible not to smile back at him!

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