Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunshine and smiles

Today is such a lazy day, and I think the mood is contagious. The weather is absolutely gorgeous - sunshine and chilly air, and I've had the back door open all day. And instead of doing my Jillian video and working up a good sweat, I've simply been lying around reading and playing with Milo. He's a little bundle of smiley energy, and I can't resist keeping him awake a little longer than I should each time he eats, although he seems to be feeling as lazy as I am, and is completely content to just lie on his blanket so we can smile at each other. It's one of our favorite activities.

I also figured out how to bread tofu and make peanut sauce, so I stuffed myself at lunch, which is even more reason to work out, though I have yet to. Because some days simply require enjoyment, pure and simple. And since an exercise video will never take the place of delight I get from a nice, long run, I'm choosing to just do absolutely nothing. Sensible logic, right? Besides, I'm reading an old favorite - The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood - and it's such a treat that I find it hard to take a break. Even to write my blog... which is turning out to be about virtually nothing. So perhaps I should just get back to my very busy afternoon?

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  1. You deserve a very busy afternoon of snuggling & giggling!