Thursday, March 24, 2011

This and that

So I happened to look out the back door the other day, although I can't remember why... Wait, let's be honest. We both know it was to yell at my dogs, who seem to have an incessant barking contest with the terrier next door... But I digress...
Imagine my delight, though, when I was surprised by this:
Who knows where this beautiful plant came from? We certainly didn't plant it, but it was a nice little treat to see growing along the fence line. Every time I look at our yard, I get overwhelmed. It needs to be mowed so badly (which means we need to either buy a mower or pay someone to do it), and I also need to borrow a tiller and get my garden spot ready. And all these things will fall into place with a little hard work, but it's just getting started that's the hardest.

In other news, I got new Toms! I ordered them FOREVER ago on eBay, and they apparently had to ship from China. Twice. The first time they came, I apparently wasn't here to sign for them, so the post office sent them back. To China. Does this make any sense at all? Don't they usually leave a little note for you to pick them up at the post office? Or try again before they ship them back to China? Anyway, the seller mailed them again and I finally got them yesterday and immediately wore them around my house for the afternoon (did I mention I don't get out much?). In case you can't tell, they're dark brown with different rainbow colored stitching for the stripes. YAY!

Finally, I regret to inform  you that I am minorly obsessed with buying Scentsy products. What is wrong with me? I have no job! And yet I can't stop thinking about how I can buy new scent blocks and a warmer for my bedroom... It makes me feel better to think that it all goes to a worthy cause, though. My sis-in-law Teresa is selling them to fund an adoption - how cool! So if you're interested in buying any, please let me know. I have literally sniffed every single sample scent a dozen times, so I can give you a recommendation on anything that suits your fancy.

Now, I have got to go take a nap before I destroy anything else due to lack of sleep. Poor HEB just didn't see me coming today, and in the 5 minutes I was there I knocked down a number of individual applesauces that went everywhere and destroyed a lemon cake sample display. Goodnight!


  1. Wisteria, maybe? Looks like something at my Grandma's in So. Cali. Does it smell good?

  2. Looks like Wisteria. I LOVE the smell of it. Reminds me of the house we lived in uptown when I was a kid. There was a huge clump of it in the front yard, and I would camp out in the middle of it like it was my clubhouse. Had to share with the bees, though. :o)

  3. Good call! It's definitely teeming with bumble bees. Guess they like the smell as much as anyone else.