Wednesday, March 30, 2011

He loves me

I am a huge words of affirmation person - it's the way I give and receive love. So it used to confuse me when Nate didn't just tell me all the time how much he loves me (although he did say it first), or go on and on in sonnets about my ravishing beauty and whatnot... And then I figured out all the ways he says I love you without actually saying I love you.

For example, there's the time he tricked me into thinking we were only spending $25 on each other for Valentine's Day, and then he surprised me with the Kindle I'd been wanting for a year.

Or there are the Sunday mornings he gets up with Milo so I can sleep in.

Or the fact that he won't let me mow the lawn.

I know he loves me when he tells his friends how awesome it is that I stay home now (just the fact that I can do that is a huge testament of love), and brags about the meals I've been cooking (even better than just telling me they're good).

He balances the checkbook and takes care of the finances so I never have to worry, even though I know sometimes he carries that huge burden on his own.

And there's Nathan's love language - tickling. The more he tickles, the more I know he loves me. And when he says that he has to tickle me because I have the best laugh in the world, he might as well be standing on the roof, shouting his undying love for me into a megaphone for the world to hear.

But the one thing he does, the absolute topper, the most shocking and amazing and delightful thing in all of the world is when my sweet Nathan, who hates to be touched while he's sleeping, mumbles sleepily, "Baby, are you cold? Come here and cuddle up next to me."

Yep. He loves me. I just had to figure out how he says it.

Vote for Milo again!!!!


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