Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pics

So we had a bit of a photo shoot last week, and here's my favorite photo - just the proof, no retouching at this point. Could this child be any cuter? Try to ignore my manhand.

Milo also got quite a cute little onesie professing his love for his auntie. Which one? I'll never tell. After all, he loves them all, and each one needs to feel that she's the one he's honoring the most. Notice the concern on his face - he doesn't want anyone to feel left out. All I have to say is, where on earth was this onesie when I was busy having nieces and nephews? Because I know I'm the favorite.

And finally, here's my little man, talking to his daddy, saying, "Where on earth is Mommy? I'm hungry!"

I know I spend so much of my time posting pictures of Milo that I hardly have time to tell you anything else... but these days, I have no students to report on and I rarely leave the house. I spend my time hanging out with Milo, shredding with Jillian, shaking my non-latino bootie doing Zumba with my friend Melissa, and cooking up a storm with my magic cookbook (*otherwise known as Better Homes and Gardens). Life is good.

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