Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lucy's first dental appointment

Lucy had her very first dental appointment today! She was a little more on the apprehensive side than Milo was for his, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But she really liked looking around at everything, and was very serious and quiet. And cooperative. So cooperative and so sweet. And in the end, she liked it! Yay, Lucy!

SO serious in the car on the way there. She didn't talk or smile. Sweet pea.

I let her take a baby doll, which made things okay. Plus she saw one of her friends from gymnastics in the waiting room.

See? Better already.

She let Dr. Lopez clean her teeth with not a single problem. So proud!


  1. Lucy looks terrified in that first picture, but then once the dentist is sitting with her she looks like she is having a wonderful time. It is so important the child makes that connection with the dentist early to help to eliminate those fears they have at that age. Looks like you really got this under control with your kids.

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