Saturday, January 2, 2016

A day of rest

Last night I was exhausted. It had been a looooong day of cleaning and cooking and getting ready for a day of rest, and that's exactly what I intended to do today - rest. But before bed, Milo had other ideas. 

"Mommy, you don't have to work tomorrow, right?" he asked.

"You're right, buddy. I'm going to spend the whole day resting."

"Do you think we could also play three games?"

Tell me how you feel about games... Because I will play them, especially given that these little people like them, but that is nowhere near what I consider resting. 

"Of course we can, Milo. You know Mommy likes to play games with you." I replied.

"Okay, good. And I also want to build all of our puzzles. Will you do that with me, too?"

"Um, sure. Yes. At some point tomorrow we will build all of the puzzles."

I actually really like puzzles, and Milo got some really fantastic ones for his birthday. In fact, he got a number of puzzles for his birthday, so I started to realize that I was committing to quite the activity here. But still, this was good. I tend to feel like I've earned time for myself on Saturdays, so I usually like knitting, or just sitting still and looking at Pinterest. However, of all the love languages, Milo speaks quality time the loudest, and if he's asking for games and puzzles, I am completely on board.

He remembered our conversation this morning before his eyes were even all the way open, so after book time and breakfast, these little people and I hit the floor in the living room and didn't look up again until noon. We played Mexican train dominoes. We played Crazy 8's. We played Don't Break the Ice. And we did every single puzzle in the house and set up a lovely display for Nate (which served my picture purposes just fine). And guess what? I had an amazing morning. Probably the best I've had in a while. 

That's 11 puzzles, just for the record.
In other news, how cute are these three? I'm loving Nate in these snuggly pj pants...

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