Saturday, January 16, 2016

Better than Advil

I can not deny that I have hilarious children.

Last night I cooked Brussel sprouts for dinner, and I was curious what my little people would think of them. I did a little prep ahead of time with Lucy and showed her how cute they were. I let her hold them and inspect them, and by the time she got to dinner she was 100% ready to eat what she referred to as "precious adorable sprouts." Perfect.

This morning I woke up with a headache, and it was everything I could do to just pour these little people some Cheerios and sit upright at the breakfast table with my coffee.

And then Milo started telling me that he had a dream last night about a T-Rex that was stomping toward our house. I was ready to coach him through nightmare recovery, because it sounded so intense. I asked him, "Milo, was it a hungry T-Rex or a non-hungry one?"

He looked at me so seriously and told me, "Hungry, Mommy. VERY hungry. And he could talk. He walked right up to us and said, 'Can I have some of your chicken?'"

I guess people-eating dinosaurs aren't even on his radar yet, and I'm totally fine with that. Apparently the hungry dinosaur took us home to his dinosaur village and his old-enough-to-know-better children had made a mess, and he proceeded to "whoop them with his tiny dinosaur arms." There's no lack of creativity around here, right?

So I am smiling a headache away this morning, which I think is a better remedy than Advil.

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