Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crayon Totes

I made these for my nieces!
Holds a full-sized coloring book along with whatever else (stickers, notepad,whatever), plus crayons, pencils, markers, etc. in the front.

I've actually made more than just these, in different fabrics and colors, but these are the ones I actually remembered to take pictures of. Crayon totes are, to me, such a perfect gift because they are completely functional and fun. Milo and Lucy each have one that we keep in the car, so they always have entertainment that we can take on long trips or into places I need to keep them busy.

Anyway, here is the link to the tutorial. ( It's extremely detailed, and the project is so simple. Just in case you want to whip up some of these for yourself (or kids, or whatever - but I'm not going to lie, I would totally carry one of these around with an adult coloring book and multi-colored Sharpies).

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