Thursday, April 11, 2013

This and that

The best thing ever happened the other night. Nate bought Milo a kite, and the two spent a while in the backyard trying to get it to fly. Well, let's be honest. Nate spent a lot of time running back and forth trying to get it to fly, and Milo spent a lot of time chasing him. And it made Milo's night, since he's always trying to get someone to run with him. Here's the view I got...

In other news, Nate and I struck an awesome deal last week. We could get Bruiser groomed if I cut Bella's hair. (Bruiser was so huge and matted that I couldn't even get the clippers through his hair) So now the dogs are clean and short-haired, and they aren't dragging pollen and pine needles through the house every hour of the day. I'd say everyone is pretty happy with the results.


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