Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life with Two Nates

The fun thing around our house is that Nate has his very own mini-me. Yes, Milo may have come out of the womb looking very much like me, but as he gets older, I realize more and more that he has Nate's exact personality. Well, almost exact... I can usually predict how Milo will react to situations or what he will like based on the fact that I've been married to his daddy almost eight years now. It's been the perfect experience I needed to be Milo's mommy.
All that to say, I'd like to share a little picture of my man today. Note the perfectly arranged stuffed animals in the background? That's definitely Nate for you. He was obviously several years older than Milo is in this picture, but you're about to see a very similar personality emerge.

But now let me point your attention to another little man who spent the morning very busily arranging some Little People animals of his own. If only I had a cake to pose him with, you might know what it's like to live my life with two of the same person (and I LOVE it, by the way).


  1. um, I think I was 5-years-old and its a truly embarrassing pic. Thank you for sharing with everyone. ;)

    1. It's ADORABLE, and I couldn't be more pleased that Milo is so much like you.

  2. oh my..I haven't seen that picture in a very long time...and he did love to arrange his animals (in a chair, in his net hung in the corner). so good to know the Jackson name will be carried on in my little man...I love both of my little men.

  3. and I am embarrassed at THAT cake...what was i thinking (or not thinking).oh well baking has never been my favorite thing to do.