Monday, April 29, 2013

Finger painting as therapy

Sometimes you just need to finger paint for a second.

Milo didn't take a nap today, which is always daunting for a number of reasons (I don't get a nap or a second to myself, he's cranky the rest of the day, etc...). But today it was extra upsetting because Nate's working late again and it leaves me to deal with it all on my own. When I finally just got Milo out of bed, I was frustrated and impatient, but trying not to seem like I was either to my son, who is TWO (yes, I'm reminding myself of that as well). And then I remembered it. We have finger paints. And finger paint paper. And a nice big kitchen table for crafting.

So we finger painted. And I do mean both of us. We painted blue cars and red cars, rainbows and birds, flowers and towers and whatever else came to our minds. And then we wiped up our hands and went about our afternoon with smiles on our faces.

Ohhhhhh, and Milo wore these new straw glasses from Nana (the picture is from Saturday when Nate was home and Milo decided to try them out right after Nana left...). So, all in all, we're having a Monday, but it's a little bit better than it started out.

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