Friday, January 4, 2013


Well, I was going to post a few pictures of my adorable child, but my computer is being surly tonight. So you'll just have to hear how adorable he is instead...

Yesterday Milo was eating fruit cocktail, and he held up two cherry halves and told me, "Look, Mommy, beebos!" If you don't know what beebos are, you need to read more Sandra Boynton. They're belly buttons...

We went to Gary and Amanda's for Shabbat dinner tonight, and I know I've mentioned before how much Milo loves the juice. What you might not know is a.)how well he's talking and b.)how specific he is about what he wants. He told us, "I want Shabbat juice, right here (points at table) on the table!" It was both adorable and bossy at the same time.

He's been wearing his Cars robe from the Dants along with his Cars slippers all the time, all over the house, and looking like such a perfect little man.

Anyway, those are just snippets of life. I told myself I'd start the new year off right and blog more often than I have of late, so there you go. Expect pictures as soon as my technology stops talking back to me. Happy Friday!

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