Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mommy squared

This second pregnancy thing. It's really kicking my butt. I'm already in love with this wiggly little baby, whether it's a girl or a boy, but I'm struggling to keep up with two, and one of them is still in the womb! Please remind me that people do this all the time, okay? Milo is such a sweet boy, but let's also remember that he's two and has the energy to match... And I am 31 and feeling older every day.

There's my brutal, blatant honesty for the day. On to the bright sunshine - I have one perfect pumpkin (By the way, if I ask him who Mommy's pumpkin is, he tells me, "Mino." If I ask him who Daddy's pumpkin is, he says, "Mommy."), and I'm about to add a second to that number. So whether my back hurts, I'm throwing up all day long (oh yes, there's still that), or crying for no reason, life always gets sweeter.

Enjoying a chill moment in the Cars robe and the Cars chair. Can you make out the child in all that?
Boobiecakes tongue

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