Sunday, January 13, 2013

I need kisses

Ahhh, sweet Milo. He can make a sucker out of anyone.

Yesterday we laid him down for a nap, and not five minutes after we put him down, he was in there yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" Nate put his stern face on and prepared to lay the Daddy smack down. I heard him fling the door open and say, "Milo, what is going on? Do you need something?"

Then I heard the meltiest thing I've heard all week. "Daddy, I need kisses."

Score: Milo - 1, Daddy - 0. Nate had to kiss all over that sweet face, and then Milo really sealed the deal. "Daddy, I need hugs." So after countless hugs and kisses, Nate tucked him back in and headed out of the room.

Later that day, we headed out on a car ride, chatting about family and mentioning Chad and Tree. Milo, who was busy crashing cars in the back seat, piped in out of nowhere. "I like Chad." Imagine how Chad felt when Nate called to tell him, as Milo continued to repeat it in the background, louder and louder every time, and then alternating between, "I like Chad," and, "I like Tree."

And then there was today, when Milo fell down and I asked him, "Milo, are you okay?' He stayed put on the floor and answered, "I guess."

All I can say is sweet, sweet, funny, adorable Milo. Just wait until I show you a video of him signing "please" and "thank you." No contest. Cutest child on the planet.

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